Amusing Neighbour’s Moepants Are Sinking

Amusing Devices

Today, as I was talking to Dave, my mind slipped and a literary device that I

was about to use took advantage of the distraction and ran out my ear.

I was describing someone as being an exceptionally nice person. Someone sweet, who cares a lot about their loved ones. I was going to say something along the lines of that person is sweet as pie. Instead it came out as that person is all smiles and pancakes.

I have many flaws, but at least they are entertaining ones.

Dave & Jorge Dialogue – The Neighbour

One day, after a 10K Race, a bunch of us were sitting in a pub. I was talking about how his downstairs neighbours at one of the places he lived at were getting on his nerves.

After subtle (and not so subtle) attempts to curb this behaviour, I was going to resort to some more insidious methods.

One of the things I was thinking of was to get some spoonfuls of peanut butter and roll them in sesame seeds and then stick them around my neighbour’s place to attract pigeons and other vermin…

Jorge: Man, it’s so annoying.
Nat: What are you going to do about it?
Jorge: Well, obviously I’ll have to employ more direct and annoying ways to deal with the problem.
Nat: Really?
Jorge: I can’t wait to get my hands on some peanut butter and sesame seeds!
Dave: So you can go like this? [Pretends to shove peanut butter and sesame seeds in his mouth with one hand, shaking his other fist in the air, and making vengeful muttering noises that sounded suspiciously like Why you stupid neighbour, I’ll show you… but with a mouthful of peanut butter!]
[Everyone laughs.]
Jorge: Er.. Not quite like that.

Woepants is Moepants

One of Dave‘s new furry children is not feeling too well.

Please pray for his little guy (if you believe in the power of prayer). If you don’t pray, send positive thoughts to him. If you don’t even believe in that, just send me $20, and I’ll drive to Ottawa and give Dave a hug.

New Orleans is Sinking…

I’m sure this line has been used a million times this week.

I’ve been following some of the news and checking out a lot of the photo galleries that are available.

The level of destruction is incredible, but not really unfathomable, given the power of nature.

What I find unbelievable is the way people are acting.

I wonder if there would be looting and such up here in a crisis where people are dying all around.

I know that during some political protests things can get hot. However, as far as I can recall, natural disasters like the ice storm, the blackout and the recent crazy flood have brought out the best in people.

What do you think about this?