Away This Weekend

Alors, Je Serai Parti Pour Le Week-End

I will be in Montréal for the weekend. One of my friends is having his stag there.

He doesn’t like to drink, so we’re going to eat all the foods that he ate when he went to university there.

This guy can put away a lot of food, too. This means that we’ll all get fatter just sitting next to him. I suspect that I will have to flush out my system with some kind of explosive device so that I can go on living a semi-normal life after stuffing myself with what is essentially greasy lard on white bread this weekend.

I’ve also decided not to bring my camera with me. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to do anything constructive with it. I’m working on a sketch for a friend from the dojo anyway, so that will take up my spare time.

Wish me luck!