Thank You Back Business Catching

Thank You All For the Comments

I never expected to receive so many wonderful comments from you all. Perhaps a few, but again, so many was unexpected. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes!

Back To Business

So, while I was gone, the gods of spamming deemed me worthy to receive a bunch of crap (obviously) with funny names (not as obvious, but still not unexpected). Check some of these out. I mean, I know I would completely believe these people exist with names like these…

  • Streaking O. Letterheads
  • Tumble U. Strenuous
  • Asylums S. Regulating
  • Contemptible S. Nutrasweet (I totally agree with this one)
  • Perspicuity Q. Resentful
  • Pretensions D. Shuffle
  • Disturbances M. Payloads

Unbelievable. Seriously.

Catching Up

Apparently, you all have been blogging in my absence. How insensitive of you. Now I have all of this catching up to do.

I know I have a few things to catch up with here in my own space. Such as some Hai-Kuul requests, as well as an entry in the Fig-tionary, if I’m not mistaken.

Rest assured that I will be catching up as soon as possible.

Cheers, all!

9 Responses

  1. Re: “Contemptible S. Nutrasweet (I totally agree with this one)” Why you always slagging on the Nutrasweet, Jorge?

  2. Hi Jorge Life has kept me busy and away from blogging and visiting .. so I too am trying to catch up. I must say as I went back to reading some of your posts I missed Yours and Mrs. J’s wedding vows are really lovely Congrats on your three year anniversary! Cheers, Barb

  3. Well thank heavens Jorge is back. Hope y’all had a good time.

  4. Welcome back! I missed chatting with you! Why aren’t you online now? Are you really back? 😉 Cat

  5. I am sooo legally changing my name to Streaking O. Letterheads

  6. ooo! I hate playing “catch up” with blogs because it makes me feel like I’m in trouble for being behind. Welcome back to blogland. Try to stay out of trouble.

  7. The next email I address to you will be as Engleburt Praguemeister Huckleberry.. Look out for it! Welcome back, but from where? 1) A prison of your own making? 2) The Grocery store? 3) From the jungles of Burma where you traded cedar planks for rare textiles and spices?

  8. All of the above (or below in this case).

  9. Dastardly Q. Coyote (Ok, I just made that up to jump on the train… whoo whoo) Bumpity B. Underpants (This is fun)

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