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Me Am Goodest At English

Sometimes I’ll come up with the stupidest analogies. What makes matters worse is that Dave and I think they’re quite funny. It also doesn’t help that one stupid analogy usually leads to another.

Yes, this is a bad thing.

Observe human de-evolution in action…

[Flashback to the past. Most likely mid 90’s. The scene opens with Dave and Jorge driving around Georgetown*, most likely to Subway for a tasty treat. They are discussing a celebrity who is very rich.]
Dave: Man that guy is so rich.
Jorge: Yes. He is. He’s so rich…
That he’s got money to burn.
Jorge: He’s so rich…
That he uses hundred dollar bills to wipe his ass.
Jorge: Nice.
Dave: He’s so rich…
Jorge: [Fumbling.] That he’s rich beyond all recognition…
Dave: What the hell does that mean?
Jorge: I don’t know, but it’s seems to work.
Dave: [Mocking Jorge.] Hey, check out that guy! A second ago, before he got all that money, I knew who he was! Now? I have no clue! In fact, I don’t recognize him at all!
Jorge: Shit.
Dave: I guess the opposite would be poor beyond all anonymity.
Jorge: Yikes. Man, I didn’t know who that guy was, until he went bankrupt and lost everything!
Dave: [Laughing.]
Jorge: I’d hate to be that guy.

Nobel Prize to Jorge and Dave? No.

Knob-el Prize? Perhaps.

You can obseve some other bad analogies on a friend’s page. His name is Dave as well.

The Other Dave

I am surrounded by Daves, and they are all awesome. I plan to have an army of Daves to do my bidding one day. When I shout DAVE! from atop my throne, all Daves will look to me for instruction.

This particular Dave is also a great guy. We spent the last years of University hanging out, developing weird games involving rubber dart guns and Kinder Egg toys. Perhaps one day I’ll regale you with tales of our misdeeds and silliness.

Or not.

We shall see.

Here is his page. It might be out of date, but it still has some cool links on it, as well as cool information.

* – This in and of itself is bad**.
** – Not as bad as driving around Acton***!
*** – Point taken.

14 Responses

  1. Watch out for the rich… they can be tricky. Especially the Nouveau variety. They’ll kneecap ya as much as look at ya… Quite prolific, or I’m really behind in my reading. Cheers ~ian

  2. LMAO! Beware Dave’s of the world! 🙂 From the other Dave’s space, quotes from Jorge: “He wasn’t bloodthirsty, he was just very good at killing people and liked it. ” LOL and my personal favourite…. “He moved with the grace of a pregnant Yak.” LMAO!

  3. You guys need a theme song…how bout “These are the Daves I know” from Kids in the Hall?

  4. People are going to start taking for granted that everything you say I said, I’ve actually have said. Matter of time before you’re making stuff up entirely:

    Dave: If you had to have sex with an animal, what would it be?
    Jorge: I… I just wouldn’t, dude. Totally wrong.
    Dave: No, if you HAD TO.
    Jorge: What possible scenerio would occur where I HAD TO have sex with an animal.
    Dave: Just answer.
    Jorge: … no.
    Dave: Cause I’d pick one of those monkey’s with the big red asses. They’re basically asking for it.

  5. I told you you’d be making stuff up. Like I’d ACTUALLY mess up the apostrophe on monkeys.

  6. Man. I leave my space for a short time and look what you do! You make a mess. FOR SHAME!

  7. hey ther that was so mean of u to hav deleted my requests without tellin me abt that new rule of urs…. i took such a long time to make those requests… u ought to hav told that before hand J n i had been makin just 5 requests a time for so long..n i did that long entry coz i wont be able to do it any more for a long time coz i m movin I WAS TOO MEAN OF U HAVIN DELETED IT that too without any prior notice.,..that day whn i made that entry,…U DIDNT HAV ANY MESSAGE INFORMIN THAT NEW RULE…. I WS THER AT UR SPACE TWICE..N IT WASNT THER,,,N NOW I AM BACK.,..N ALL I SEE IS A NEW RULE POSTED THER…..N MY REQUEST DELETED.. WHN U KNW THAT I MADE THAT REQUEST BEFORE U POSTED THAT RULE… THIS S SO INSULTIN…. BYE HAVE A GREAT TIME

  8. You two are punny. Ooo! I have my own personal Dave, but we have at least four Dave’s at poker night.

  9. Hey princess_castle, Sorry about the fact that I deleted your request, but it was seriously too much for me to handle. Add to the fact that I wasn’t having a great day, and you can understand how I could snap. If it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else. I hope you don’t stop requesting like you were before (the 5 at a time were easier to handle, and honestly much more fun to write!)

    Cheers, Jorge

  10. Hey Jorge….I am LMAO…thanks for the links….hehehehe I am also laughing at the comments….too funny… Have a blast…. Cheers…. Diana

  11. Yay Daves!! can I join your army? you can call me Dave if you like…*lick*

  12. Oh my I have walked into DAve’s World 🙂 Or is this the room where the rich are taught how to live.. I can only imagine you two on a camping trip lol Have a Happy Hump Day! Hugs Dave… Nope it’s only Barb:)

  13. haha thanks for the comment I love Stephen Wrights stuff nice site and I love your photography, I’ll be back for a closer look after work! Adam

  14. The Army of Daves comment makes me think of Bart Simpson…his chortling over the possibility of having the house of cats and training them to be his army of the night…hmm, send them to do your bidding Jorge!

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