Hai-Kuul – August 08, 2005

Morphing Potion (Requested by princess_castle)
Drink this elixir
It will change your appearance
But not your insides

Lovely (Requested by princess_castle)
When flower petals
Open up for the first time
Or the sun rises

Wonder Land (Requested by princess_castle)
Through the looking glass
A magical place exists
Mind the heroin!

Tune In (Requested by princess_castle)
The evening news
Can be very important
You might be on it!

First Left…Then Right!! (Requested by princess_castle)
It’s not that hard man
Move one foot, then the other
Walking isn’t hard!

Don’t Ask (Requested by princess_castle)
Why are you staring?
You must be wondering why
I’m in this costume

Taking Care of Jorge’s Cats (Requested by Christian)
Laila and Logan
Need care when we are away
Christian’s on the job!

Saying Tanya is Hot While Drunk, and Thinking it While Sober (Requested by Christian)
Flattery will work
It will get you carrot cake
Keep talking, CB

Kinky Sex (Requested by Madison_buzz143)
A bit different
Than your run-of-the-mill sex
Whips and chains are fun!

Lime Lollipops (Requested by Infinity-56)
Refreshing and sweet
Citrus goodness on a stick
Take your time. Enjoy!

Thunderstorm (Requested by Infinity-56)
A rumble above
Brings fear to the folks below
Seek ye some shelter

Stonehenge (Requested by Infinity-56)
Built in ancient times
It is the first calendar
That needs no changing

Infinity Symbols (Requested by Infinity-56)
Symbol for always
Meets itself in the middle
A path with no end

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

6 Responses

  1. Jorge, I WAS Thunderstruck, but I have found out that he has another girlfriend…so, my LIGHTNING is going to strike more than once with him!!!!! Paula

  2. I never promised carrot cake! No matter how much Christian tries to flatter me, I know that he likes your banana bread better than my cake…..so he gets NONE! 🙂

  3. Shot down by my own wife!

    You lose, CB.

    You lose.

  4. You’ve inspired some poetry… Sticks and stones May break my bones But whips and chains Excite me 😉 (Ok I didn’t make that up- my sis has it on her water bottle)

  5. Thanks sugar…that was quite good…you have quite the talent for those … xxxx

  6. Thank you 🙂 those are wonderful and now posted on my page!

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