Camping Lazy Dogs

Camping? HAH!

Looks like the camping trip is out. At least, the camping part.

The trip, though, has changed to one of cottage rental. It will still be fun, as the people attending are all excellent.

Of course, I hear everyone sniggering at their desks as they read this. Wimps you say? Yes. I can hear it resounding from your minds.

It’s not the same as camping. That is for sure. But I’m not sad.

I’d like to see you try and clean a huge tent and fly when it’s raining outside.

In any case, I’ll be close enough to Algonquin Park to take some pictures. The mists at this time of year make everything look amazing.

Animal Services? Lazy Dogs.

This morning I was about to go up the elevators to work when a grey furry movement caught my eye.

I almost dismissed it as being a squirrel until I took a closer look. There, on the outside of the window, was a little grey kitten.

I went outside, and saw another kitten scampering around. And another. A whole mess of ‘em.

I called the Humane Society, who pointed me in the direction of City Animal Services.

I called them and informed them of this litter of strays. The guy on the other side of the call told me that they don’t chase strays around. If I were to gather them in a box, they would come pick them up.


Animal Services?


16 Responses

  1. Err… no one would dream of calling you cabiners (as opposed to campers) Wimps. After all, you did say they are your Karate friends, didn’t you? (and if not Karate, then some other forms of martial arts…) So there is an extreme effort to not offend.

    Also – are the kitties still there? If they need a home, there may be a spot for them near me.

  2. I like to think of it that we have used our vast collective intellect to ascertain the advantages of sitting in a nice warm cottage drinking our favourite beverages listening to tunes, rather than stuck in a 4×4 tent wet and freezing to death, miserable. If that is the definition of a wimp, I’ll take it.

    As far as the cats, it probably goes back again to union issues and the “Not my Job” mentallity that it fosters. Pathetic, you would think that they would respond for their love of animals.

  3. ‘Packet and ready animal services’ it should be called hehe I wouldn’t advise you to get too close to them just in case they have a bad temper and decide to show how happy they are to be freeeeeeeee.

    About the weekend I’m sorry to hear that you are not camping but hey fun is not where we do things but how we do them, so it will be great anyway.

    I didn’t know you were having a baby, but I tell you something, since the day I saw my ‘niece’ I’m absolutely addicted to that small little person. And yes her dad cried like a waterfall when talking with me, 10 days after she was born so I can imagine what you will be like too 😉

  4. Lili you are so correct!
    My daughter changed my world completely!

    I was remember being asked the question “What you want to be when you grow up?”

    If I knew then what I know now I would of said “A Father”

  5. Sorry should of read as “I remember being asked the question “

  6. Callis,
    Babies seems to be magical because we get in love with them at first sight.
    I’m not a mother yet, but yesterday when I saw my best friend’s baby I couldn’t help to cry too (shouldn’t of said I know), because that cute little person is so perfect! Those little hands and feet absolutely kill me.
    And now all I think about is when will I see her again.
    … I’m in love …

  7. Lili checked out your site, quite by coincidence I found out you are from my same background and born on a 13th like me…this is so cool

  8. Chickens! All of you!

    Months ago you said “Hey Mrs. Jorge, you wanna go camping on the last weekend in October?”. And I said “Hell no, are you crazy? It’s winter up in Algongquin on the last weekend in October”. And then the group of you are all macho about “it’ll be fine”…. “of course we’re going to camp”.

    Ya, and now you’re going to hang out in a cottage.


  9. Oh ya, that was my way of saying “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”.

  10. Sorry Mrs J
    (looking at the ground kicking up dirt, with both hands in my pocket)

  11. I guess Canada can be scenic. But I went to the N.C. mountains this weekend, and let me tell you, they’re hard to beat.

    Hope all is well. =)

  12. Camping? Now? I don’t even want to leave my house right now because NY is cold. Camping? In Canada? You are crazy. Yah! for whoever came to her or his senses and decided to turn you all into cabiner. *shiver*

    (And, no, “running to the bus” will not be reinacted any time soon.)

  13. It seems to me that Services of any kind are getting to be less useful. Especially if it requires effort on their part…

    …must be why people resent beauracracy.

    Have fun in the cabin. Good call, Mrs. J!

  14. same as above or will that be below … LOL I hope someone rounds the kittens up ( service ha they should be ashamed! .
    The trip I hope was fun and successful and the cabin would be much easier on Mrs. J … And yes I have cleaned a large wet and dirty tent off and opened it in the house to dry ..LOL … 🙂

  15. So, what happened to the kittens in the end??

  16. “Boxed animals only” – a new slogan?

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