Camping Lazy Dogs

Camping? HAH!

Looks like the camping trip is out. At least, the camping part.

The trip, though, has changed to one of cottage rental. It will still be fun, as the people attending are all excellent.

Of course, I hear everyone sniggering at their desks as they read this. Wimps you say? Yes. I can hear it resounding from your minds.

It’s not the same as camping. That is for sure. But I’m not sad.

I’d like to see you try and clean a huge tent and fly when it’s raining outside.

In any case, I’ll be close enough to Algonquin Park to take some pictures. The mists at this time of year make everything look amazing.

Animal Services? Lazy Dogs.

This morning I was about to go up the elevators to work when a grey furry movement caught my eye.

I almost dismissed it as being a squirrel until I took a closer look. There, on the outside of the window, was a little grey kitten.

I went outside, and saw another kitten scampering around. And another. A whole mess of ‘em.

I called the Humane Society, who pointed me in the direction of City Animal Services.

I called them and informed them of this litter of strays. The guy on the other side of the call told me that they don’t chase strays around. If I were to gather them in a box, they would come pick them up.


Animal Services?