What Happens at White Birch, Stays at White Birch…

…Except These Fun Tidbits…

  • Kwai Chow
  • You’re never too old to dance in your PJs.
  • Nature Gods are fickle.
  • People up North really like pumpkins.
  • I have disgraced myself by dancing to both Sexyback and London Bridge within the span of one hour.
  • Lumight cumandumel numnow!
  • Ping pong is not necessarily easier when using two paddles simultaneously.
  • Axe body spray does not attract women. It attracts flies.
  • Barefoot, you say?

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

12 Responses

  1. Sexyback and London Bridge? Jorge, you shouldn’t have told us that… cuz now I’m bringin’the tunes to your place! Woooot! Can we get a table dance?

  2. Actually, I danced with a chair during our dance-a-thon due to our uneven ratios. I was gracious.

  3. I stayed on the floor while the room danced around me

  4. One question: Were they footie pajamas? ‘Cause for some reason, that’s what I imagine.

  5. Sorry.
    No footies.

  6. Sounds good ….:)


  7. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    And I LOVE dancing in my pajamas!!

  8. You’ll never light a candle that way, Symmie Gummy.

  9. If they only made PJs for two….

  10. I wear pjs at work, and dance to sexyback while im on the phone. they get mad at me. BUt i do it anyway:)


  11. Stupid Axe. Why would anybody want to smell like cheap, department store chemicals? Mmm-mmm! Smexy!

  12. Hey, I ran out of windex and I was at a panic

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