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  1. A few years ago I would’ve instantly leapt up and said ‘of course not – it’ll be great fun! Hot chocolate, campfires, snuggly warm sleeping bags, what more could you want!’. Now, I’d probably pause for about a minute, before saying ‘of course not – it’ll be great fun…’

  2. not crazy at all … I hope you went and had a good time …. did you freeze ? Camping is actually great this time of the year . Refreshing, and still ….

  3. Thank you Jorge!
    I’m not a person that drinks alchool very often (it tends raise very fast) but today I’ll join you.
    To you, to me, to everyones dreams and happiness!
    Come around to my place more often.

  4. * raises hand *

  5. I think you are absolutely nuts, who in their right mind would join you in such an excursion, with the rain pouring like it has been lately, bears, squirrels and chipmunks preparing for hibernation, and cold cold water and cold nights.

    Make sure you bring a lot of chairs (13 or so)an air matress (queen size), some drinks and a warm person to be next to! Better yet 4 warm people or at least 2 warm cute ones and two wise cracking axe carrying beetnicks who can’t hold their liquor!

    Good luck

  6. About the camping …
    It depends really, if you live in the south hemisphere there it won’t be that bad, on the other hand if you are talking from Iceland, then I will be worried about your sanity.

  7. Not crazy. If Zanta can handle winter in his shorts, you can do fall in your skivvies….
    BTW – found this for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zanta

    See – who loves yah bebbe!!!


  8. Not me – I would LOVE to go camping this weekend! In fact, one of my goals for this coming weekend is to sit on the top of the hill at my grandparents’ and watch the sun rise.

    It’ll be cold, but it will nourish my soul. What more can we ask?

  9. Sarah – Total LOL.

    Caitrine – Going this weekend.

    Callis – I didn’t know you were a beatnik.

    Lili – Northern Hemisphere

    Jules – OLD NEWS, Babe. 🙂 Come on! I am Zanta’s secret agent!

    Courtney – Camping in Arks is a little warmer than camping up here. 😉

  10. Hey, I was suppose to be one of the cute ones

  11. S’not crazy at all!
    SAT OCT 28
    HIGH 3
    LOW 2
    Rain at times heavy
    P.O.P. 100%
    WIND NE 20 km/h

    S’gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Or, as I like to say “suuuuiiiite!”

    Enjoy, Jorge!

  12. I think you are crazy … but this doesn’t have anything to do if you go camping or not.

  13. I don’t just think it’s crazy, I KNOW it’s crazy. Saturday’s forecast: High of +2, low of 0 with 70% chance of Rain or Snow. Better you than me.


  14. If you also plan to be drunk every second you’re awake, then it’s a fine idea.

  15. Camping this time of year can be very bracing.

    I say go for it. I like sleeping when it’s cold out though… i often have my window open in the winter.

    As long as you dress for the weather and have a warm sleeping bag, which I will assume you do, then it will be great!

    Drinking hot chocolate when it’s 30 degrees out just isn’t like it is when it’s 2 degrees.

    Have fun!

  16. I guess I’m a lucky person!
    Weather forecast for Lisbon this weekend: high 23c, low 18c, clear. I guess you should all be camping on my backyard. I can make some hot chocolate too but I don’t think you’ll need it.

  17. Just got out of the woods for a week camping. Except I call it hunting. Was 250 miles north west of Thunder Bay and had a foot of snow on the ground. I love this time of year. No bugs!

    Word of advice. It is hunting season full out (moose & bear) right now. Try to wear some blaze orange and avoid wearing fur coats in the bush at the moment. I will be camping again in November for deer season. Have fun and be safe!

  18. Actually J

    John spoiled my surprise. I was going to give you a rabbit fur jacket
    smuthered in musk oil.

    thanks john

  19. Jason and I camped in February once, and in an outdoor-ed class, I leanred how to build “warm” snow shelters – basically just burrowing, but still.

    Crazy is staying home when youcould have gone camping.

  20. Lili,

    Mrs. J would probably take you up on your camping offer!

  21. Mrs. J. you are very welcomed!
    Since it’s not cold enough to get some hot chocolate I might go crazy (a little bit more than usual) and get a chocolate cake! This thing is only fun due the amount of chocolate we get in our system … one way or the other 😉
    What do you think Mrs. J.? Deal?

  22. Lili, I’ll accept a place to stay in Lisboa any day! I adore Portugal. And if we’re going to talk about chocolate and camping, I can introduce you to “Banana boats”. They go like this:
    – take a banana in it’s peel and slice it lengthways
    – take as many chocolate chips and marshmallows as possible and shove them into the slit in the banana
    – wrap it all up in tin foil
    – place it by the coals in the fire pit
    – let the chocolate and marshmallow melt and the banana get warm and soft
    – when done, just open it up, grab a spoon and eat directly from the tin foil.


    See you soon!

  23. Ummm… I want to go to Portugal too. Does this invitation include perfect strangers? ha ha. 🙂

    I’m in for the banana thing too! 🙂

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