Paddy Whacks

Paddy Whacks

This is the month in which I was born.

The world most likely regrets this month, as it would have been spared my insanity. However, I’m here, world, so deal with it.

In celebration of this birth anniversary, I’m turning to you, my readers (especially my friends) and offering you the option to participate in a creative exercise*.

In the comments field, I want you to write about three of your funniest memories of me. I’m curious to know what some of these things are. Partially out of nostalgia, but mostly because I think that this could generate a lot of laughs.

Feel free to write as much as you want about each item, especially the funny ones. If you’re like Dave, you will know how to skillfully embellish to get the giggles going.

* – That is, I am too lazy to think of anything at the present time.

19 Responses

  1. The company Christmas Party the first year I worked for the company. Jorge chugging red wine on the dance floor. Straight from the bottle. Priceless.

  2. 1. In high school, Jorge and I were in a production of Bye Bye Birdie. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s sort of based on Elvis’s going off to war. Jorge played the Elvis character named Conrad Birdie, I played the dad of a teenage girl who’d won a contest to give Conrad his last kiss before going off to war. Anyways, three or four years later, we were reminiscing about the high school and stuff, and Jorge is like, “Remember when we were in that play ‘The Conrad Birdie show?’ He honest to God thought that’s what the play was called. Nice work, Captain Ego.

    More to come

  3. Oops! I forgot to list three…
    Camping with Jorge & Mrs Jorge and the gang and blaming poor Dave Crane for noises emanating from… well… his arse. They actually came from the asstriloquist Fig.

    Driving to work one day with Jorge and I couldn’t talk correctly. BAKA BAKA BAKA!

  4. 1. The first time I saw your baby picture. I thought I was going to fall off of my chair! Matthew didn’t even know who you were and I said “you HAVE to see this baby picture!” and he was like “um, who is this person?” hehe

    I have more, but I am busy at work 😦

  5. Every year, Jorge organizes a great camping trip that takes place over the August long weekend. The first year I was invited I didn’t have a lot of camping gear. I didn’t even have a pack big enough to hold what little gear I did have (picture a guy with all his gear strapped on with bungee cords). Jorge volunteered to bring some extra cooking gear so we could share. This included a double burner Coleman stove. When we arrived at our starting point it actually seemed that Jorge had brought everything but the kitchen sink! There was a lot of gear, but more than enough people to share the load. On the final morning I awoke to discover that Jorge had left behind more than the kitchen sink….as exited my tent and rubbed the sleep from my eyes I saw Jorge standing over the Coleman stove dangling something over it from the end of a stick….Jorge had not packed enough underwear! I quietly went back into my tent grabbed my camera zoomed in and snapped a picture…it sounded something like this: Click….”You bastard!”

  6. Mis-spelling his own name. Grrr … J-ogre smash things.

  7. And what about that time you killed those hobos? That was some funny shit.

  8. Christine: This was in response to Mrs. J telling me I wasn’t a good drinking partner. Heh. I never heard that again.

    Dave: It was a conversational placeholder until I could remember the actual name. Of course, I do have a big ego.

    Christine (again): Asstriloquist is the best word this month. Holy crap I laughed so hard when I read that.

    Tien: I should probably post that picture soon. Remind me.

    Thumbs: Testu-makiiii-sengpukat!

    Dave (Again): What happened in Reno was supposed to stay in Reno. Way to break the code, jerk.

  9. Our undergrad days were a somber and sordid affair. The drudgery of the constant studying and no recreation was taking its toll. I think that was why Jorge finally snapped.

    One afternoon, during a particularly gruelling study session, that is, a study session on the cooking and preparation of gruel, Jorge had learned so much about the nature of oats (a fascinating subject, by the way,) that he had forgotten his own name.

    When pressed for this information, he did the only thing he could do: He ripped off his underwear from underneath his pants to check the name inscribed there.

    Why any sane man, with such a promising future would take such action is beyond me.

    Oh, wait. I did that too.

  10. Here’s another: We had hitched a ride back to Ottawa with Jorge and Mrs. Jorge. Upon arriving at my parents’ home we all went inside for a drink and some chit chat. This was the first time Jorge had been to my parents’ place and it came out that Jorge and I had sort of a friendly rivalry thing going….you know we’d challeng eachother….a bit of one-upmanship. Upon hearing this, my father said “Oh really….did you know that Tien can mow the lawn in 15 minutes?” (The lawn is big enough that I’d have to fill the gas tank on the mower about 3/4 of the way through.) you should have seen the grin on my father’s face when Jorge got half way up to look out the window at the lawn. Everyone had a good laugh at that.

  11. Happy birthday …and I do think the world regrets this month …i would post three things …but we don’t know eachother well enough …..

    I made it to TO ….stayed at the skydome …geez ..they gave me a free upgrade …biggest room …two stories facing the ball park ….very nice ..but it was a pain in the ass to climb the stairs everytime i needed something ….make coffee downstairs upstairs …go back down get the coffee ..anyways you get the point ..

    have a great birthday ..and be very very bad…


    PS – like the new site…

  12. You killed hobos when you were hanging out with Dave too? You said it was your first time! Son of a…

    My fondest memory goes way back to April 2006 when you did your Cleveland impression and Brilly made you her puppet.

    Ah, good times.

  13. I have no funny memories of you, Jorge. Come to think of it, I have no memories of you at all!! What’s happening? Am I losing my mind?

    Oh wait. That’s right. I haven’t ever MET you. Whew. I was worried for a second.


    I hope your birthday is spectacular, man. You deserve it.

  14. Three funniest, eh? Hrm.

    1 – Pirasta talk at New Years 05
    2 – Gaming/Space Ghost/Sealab/Harvey Birdman night at my place, when I had 3 plates and glasses and little else
    3 – Any of the hundreds of MSN chats we’ve had

    Jorge, in the little time we have known each other, you have become a very close friend. I appreciate that we can not only joke about stuff, but talk about the serious things in life as well.

  15. crap diddy, i don’t have any good junior mint rememberies of you!!!!!

    but i will be outside of 200W today around 11:30 if you are around…. i might even be able to get onto the 8th floor!!!


  16. WE had hobos sleeping in our foyer a couple nights ago. if you read my blog you can hear all about it.
    t’was unfortunate.
    My funniest memories of you. hummm. usually anytime i talk to you its uproarious.
    so that counts as three.
    the end.

  17. […] So, I posted this article a few days ago, encouraging people to chat about funny or silly things I have said or done. […]

  18. 1.Ok, I’ve been thinking and thinking. Let’s see the first time I met you was when we went to that wedding in the summer. I remember it was SOOOOO hot. I literally thought I’d melt and of course the cab we got DIDN’T have A/C. You refused to take off your jacket and sat cramped in the front boiling to death. (ok, maybe this isn’t really a funny story at all…but it’s a memory…a hot sticky one)

    2. Referring to you as a “celebrity blogger”

    3.Third time I saw you was at our Wine and Cheese and I was too drunk to remember much of that…LOL.

  19. Court.
    I actually was never invited to the wine and cheese.

    That’s not funny.
    It just makes me sad.


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