Paddy Whacks

Paddy Whacks

This is the month in which I was born.

The world most likely regrets this month, as it would have been spared my insanity. However, I’m here, world, so deal with it.

In celebration of this birth anniversary, I’m turning to you, my readers (especially my friends) and offering you the option to participate in a creative exercise*.

In the comments field, I want you to write about three of your funniest memories of me. I’m curious to know what some of these things are. Partially out of nostalgia, but mostly because I think that this could generate a lot of laughs.

Feel free to write as much as you want about each item, especially the funny ones. If you’re like Dave, you will know how to skillfully embellish to get the giggles going.

* – That is, I am too lazy to think of anything at the present time.