The Opening Wednesday

The Opening

Saturday night saw the opening of my show, Juxta-Pose at one of the local establishments.

It was interesting for me because I spend every Thursday night in this place. I suppose one might call it a pub, as it is not really a bar (allows kids in) and not really a restaurant (due to the fact that the bar counter takes up almost a quarter of the floor space.

I had reserved space for a number of peolpe and arranged for munchies to be brought out at relatively regular intervals for the three-hour period of the opening, to show my appreciation for my guests.

And so many people came out!

Certainly I knew that a good number of folks would be attending, but there were many surprises during the evening.

Right from the get-go I was treated to a visit from my uncle and some of my cousins from Rochester (Em’s boyfriend in tow)…

Uncle Rui: Nice work, Jorge
Jorge: Thanks!
UR: These are all very good.
J: [Trying to be funny.] See that one up there? [Points at a chalkboard above the Kitchen window that has the name of the establishment on it.] That one’s not mine.
UR: Oh. That’s too bad because I was actually going to buy that one.

As the evening progressed, more and more friends poured in. During events like this, it’s always tough to manage to sit down with any one person and have a meaningful conversation, but I always try. Mrs. J is really good at making sure that I don’t miss anyone by getting caught up in any given conversation for too long.

A lot of people besides my friends went through the place, checking things out. I saw some taking notes and actually received some really nice compliments from people.

A few people bought me drinks (Thanks Dar & Reay), and others bought my work (Thank you Giles’ and Wendy!).

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all who attended, and invite those of you who have not to check it out. You can read the details here. I will not be there all the time, but I should be there every Thursday this month.
If you can’t make it, or missed reading the booklet that explained all of the photos you can click here.


Dave was over on Wednesday. It was the first time he’s ever been out to see any of my work, what with him holed up in the O-Dot.

I was a little nervous, as Dave is quite the talented wordsmith and I deeply respect his opinions. There was no need, though, as Dave seemed to really enjoy the exhibition. Mrs J. and Reay joined us for dinner after which we skidaddled back to our place and watched House and Lost.

Reay ended up taking off after that. Mrs J. bid us a good night and left Dave and I to our own insidious plots.

We ended up watching old home movies involving us creating stupid fight scenes and odd backwards-moving dancing. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a while.

We also ended up playing Gamecube for a few hours, starting off with some recently-released games and then moving onto the retro 80’s video game disc.
It’s amazing how much technology has advanced in the last twenty years. Some of the games we used to play look horrible by todays standards, but are still fun to play. Back then, when the graphics and sounds weren’t so fancy, one had to rely on making simple and addictive gameplay to keep us entertained.
It’s always good to hang out with my friends. Dave lives quite far away, but I would say that we are much closer friends these days then we ever have been in the past.