Roasted Nincompoop

Rump Roasted

At the risk of appearing to be a geek* I will tell the story about Game Day, and the royal beating my wife gave my ego.

It all started fairly recently. Sometimes on a weekend Mrs. J will do her own thing, leaving me to my own devices.

So what I decided to do was have some friends over to play games on my Nintendo Gamecube.

Now, I can practically hear the eyes rolling in the audience, but let me state my case: It’s a great excuse to get together with friends in the winter (and rainy days), share some food, some beers and just relieve stress without anyone getting hurt**.

This previous gameday saw some new games, some new faces***, and good times in general

Towards the end of the day we started playing Soul Calibur. I’ll openly admit that after Shatton mopped the floor with us in Mortal Kombat: Deception, I was looking for some sweet payback.

So I continued to win, much to the chagrin of my fellow gamers.

Just before the final few guys left, Mrs. J, in an act of mercy, asked one of the boys for a controller, and promptly kicked my ass with her favourite character.

Mrs. Hai-Kuul? Winner.

Jorge? Humbled. Again.

Journey of the Nincompoop

I recently learned a neat fact about the theme song to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was a fact that I thought no one knew.

I told a few people about it, and they were just as surprised as I was.

One evening, I showed Mrs. J the beginning sequence to the movie…

Jorge: I want you to guess which band wrote this music.
Mrs. J: Okay.
Jorge: Seriously. You’ll never get it
Mrs. J: Umm…
Jorge: I’ll even give you a hint. This song was on their debut album.
Mrs. J: Hmm…
Jorge: If you guess this I will give you a thousand dollars.
Mrs. J: [A few seconds pass.] The Eagles?
Jorge: [Jaw drops.] I don’t believe it.

She guessed the damned thing right off the mark. Thank goodness I decided to do a double-or-nothing bet on the name of the song****. I don’t have that kind of money.

* – Or more appropriately, even more of a geek.
** – At least, not physically.
*** – Old friends. But their first time at Game Day.
**** – Journey of the Sorcerer