A Special Word From The Management

Moved, You Say?
I keep saying that I’m thinking about it, but considering that I’ve started moving posts from my old place, I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions.
I’m getting tired of my stats going all wonky and people having problems leaving comments.
So here I am.
Of course, there will be some glitches as I get started, but rest assured I will be up and running in four or five months*

* – I’m not kidding about this, as I am moving all of my old posts** to this site. I will be writing new stuff, though. It’s not as dramatic as I made it out to be.
** – I am nothing if not a completist***.
*** – Also known as anal.

14 Responses

  1. Way better. Now I can comment without selling my soul to a rainbow coloured butterfly!

  2. Holy crap. This is going to take a lot of effort – but good going! If I were more motivated, I’d switch too – ’cause MSN does suck. I, however, will remain on MSN, one of the last of a dying breed.


    You know we’ll follow you anywhere, Jorge.

  3. The move is a good idea. But make sure you publish an RSS/Atom link somewhere for those of us who read via syndication, barbero.

    I have a move of my own I will probably be telling you about soon.

  4. I’m all for your vacating the MSN. Packing up and moving a blog is no fun, so I applaud you efforts. I keep putting it off, myself. Blogger is not without its annoyances. You might have an easier time moving to a WordPress account. I think they have an “import” function, thus saving you time and trouble.

  5. ps: don’t forget to turn on “comment verification” to avoid spam! Blogger is constantly attacked by spam!

  6. I love it! Should I get you a housewarming…er blogwarming present?

    Blogwarming doesn’t really work does it? Sounds funny.

  7. holy cow – you DO have a new home – congratulations!!!


  8. Nice blog!! I think this non-MSN-cookie-cutter look suits the content of your blog much better. I’ll definitely bookmark this page.

    By the way…I never had trouble with adding comments until today when I tried to post a comment on your msn space. Weird!!

    ~ Totoro

  9. Hey, if it works for you, go for it. I’m sticking w/ Spaces only cuz I already moved 1 blog, I might relocate when I get my own site set up 🙂

  10. Anal?
    I can think of a better word than that!

  11. Sure, go to WordPress. Overlook Blogger, even though it’s right there, tarted up for you, ready to go.


  12. DAVE –> Don’t you know that Jorge doesn’t like them all tarted-up and ready to go? He likes to have to work for it.


  13. It’s about time you moved to a more reliable program. Those folks still on IE might have some issues with your header though… it’s a bit wonky (font looks too big for header space). Otherwise I like it, really like it.

    AND you have a photoblog as well? Really? Truly?
    I’m linkin’ ya.. linking…

    See ya around.

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