I Know Vocabulatronics Appreciation Lessons

I Know a Genius

I chat with my friend Shatton quite a bit. It’s intermittent conversation, but it’s good.

Every once in a while, a little conversational gem makes itself known, so I capture it and share it with a wider audience*.

If I am having a bad day, chances are Shatton can cheer me up.

So let’s take a gander at some of the fun we have…


Once in a while, we will invent a word that will sum up many concepts in one fell swoop. This is the pinnacle of conversational efficiency.

While most of the time word inventions are intentional, every once in a while a new word will slip through that was the result of typing too fast.

Not all of our words are good, though, as you will see…

That Shatton, always thinking of webifying everything…

Musical Appreciation

Shatton loves music. He knows more about music than most small countries.

That being said, his warped sense of humour will find its way into conversations once in a while. The fact that he actually typed out the lyrics to the song in his head makes this even funnier.

Try saying them the way they were meant to be said and you’ll understand what I mean…

Life Lessons

For all of his genius, Shatton misses the point of life lessons sometimes.

Take a gander at something that happened to him, and what lesson he derived from it…

* – Actually, there are more examples than I would really be able to save and manage properly. Not to mention, though I may find them funny, not everyone else will.