Mr. Jorge Goes to Washington

The Season for the Reason

Mrs. Jorge and I are heading down to Washington in the morning to visit with our fantabulous friend Kris.

You probably know her, seeing as she's the reigning Queen of the Internet – USA*.

We figured that we would go down in springtime, so that the beautiful cherry blossoms would be a worthy background for our friend's smiling face.

What Are We Going to Do?

Mrs. Jorge and I will get the touristy thing out of the way right at the very beginning. While Miss Kris is toiling at work, we shall take in the sights, both armed with our trusty photographic machines, snapping madly.

Washington, by all accounts from my friend The Haligonian is a wonderful city. And the fact that it's relatively small is a grand thing when it comes to figuring out where to go to find interesting things to look at and do.
When the day is done, though, the festivities begin.

Drinky drinky.

Foody foody.

The works.

Will it Be Entertaining?

What the heck do you think?

Yes, yes and yes.

Please refer to this and this.

I don't think I really have to elaborate how much fun potential there is between the three of us. Mathematics cannot realize such a lofty number.

What's That, You Say? A Surprise?

Indeed. What would a visit be without bringing a gift.

While inexpensive in dollar value, the significance of this gift on a personal level is unfathomable.

Have a Great Weekend!

While we're having a blast in the USA's seat of power, I hope you all stay out of trouble. I mean, I really don't want to have to clean anything up when I get back.

Newly Crowned BMIB.

* – Not to be confused with the reigning Queen of the Internet – Canada**
** – Sorry, Dave. It was right there begging me to do it***.
*** – The real reigning Queen of the Internet – Canada is Miss Jay, for those who have stopped laughing.