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We had this conversation a while ago, Shatton and I.

With all of the alternative language being spoken today (think shizzle and pwned). I wondered where these came from.

As kids, we sometimes invent words based on our ideas of what something is. At other times, we try to say the grownup word for something and end up fudging it up a little (or a lot).

I used to have names for practically everything. Even different styles of hubcaps each had their very own moniker.

What sort of words did you use when you were a kid that you can still remember? What did they represent?

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  1. I still call any belly button a ‘poopec’, which is a bastardization of the actual Czech word for belly button. My mother’s family is Czech.

    Also, my Granny wanted to be called Nana, but when I started calling her ‘banana’, she changed her mind.

    This brings back good memories from childhood, Jorge. Thanks.

  2. Jorge,

    Heccaka was how my brother said helecopter when he was young. I personally was perfect at english the moment I emerged from my mothers womb. Enough about that. But in reality I can’t say Cinnamon at the ripe old age of 21.
    Buffafly was of course, butterfly. and as most children do, we butchered the word spaghetti.

    I’m sure theres more in the deep recesses of my mind. But I do not wish to rehatch the long forgotten past. HEHE


  3. Because I can’t stay away from your site, I thought I’d share two of the words that Braeden has a problem with.

    He says hoppicopter for helicopter, and when a friend told him to start call his pants ‘britches’, he went around for weeks saying “I’m wearing bitches.” That was fun to explain.

    My son, the pimp.

  4. I spoke english and french interchangeably when i was a kid, not knowing that they were different languages. THAT took a long time for me to sort out. My second sister had the most problems; she had a terrible lisp when she was a kid that my mother worried over constantly. Any random trip to McDonalds, fraught with fwench fwies, would bring on a typhoon of laughter from the rest of us, probably scaring my sister for life. But what else are sisters for, if not cruelty?

  5. I am unable to remember any of my OWN linguistic challenges, I fully believe that I sprang from the womb speaking in perfectly formed English. However, I am sure this is not the case.

    My sister used to call “Ham”, “Sam” for some odd reason… and the laundry hamper became the laundry “Hamster”. Which was also amusing.

    That’s all I can remember at the moment… but if any more come to me, I’ll come back! 🙂

  6. Prin-ces-ses-es!

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