Hey! Movie Monkey Prince is Obviously a Runner Who Rocks Something Awful

Hey! I Saw You On TV!
Once in a while, someone will tell me that I remind them of someone. Sometimes it’s flattering, and sometimes it’s not. Dave wrote an article about this last year, which was pretty hilarious.

Me, courtesy of South Park Studio.

I wondered which celebrities reminded my friends of me, so I decided to ask them. This list is the result. Unlike Dave, I haven’t put pictures of myself up for comparison.
This is because I am a lazy jerk…

The Movie Maker

M. Night Shyamalan

This was Reay‘s pick.
I wondered if Reay picked Shyamalan because of his inherently cool geekiness (although, while I posess the geekiness part, I’m not sure about the cool), or his strange hair.
The reasoning was much simpler…

He’s a brown guy like you…

Great criteria, Reay.

The Monkey

Curious Jorge finds his Frog.

Most of the kids in my grade school called me Curious George, claiming we looked alike.
I was always puzzled because no matter how many times I checked the mirror, I could not see any real similarities other than the fact we had the same number of limbs and big ears.
I also didn’t understand why they kept calling me that because my name is spelled with a J rather than a Ge.
I would just shrug my shoulders and go back to reading my Hardy Boys books.

The Prince

Whatchu lookin’ at, Carlton?

I was first compared to Will Smith in high school.
It came at an opportune time because I was feeling low, and the person who told me was a pretty girl.
I could never figure out why. Again, it might be the ear thing, or a similar pigment.
I suspect it was because I was kinda goofy and had a wee moustache, just like Mr. Smith up there.
Either way, that was a cool thing to hear.
Once in a while someone will tell me I remind them of Will Smith, and I just smile, nod, and then break it down, ol’ skool.

The Obvious

I have an evil twin. Or is he the good one?

My friend Dan pointed this out to me.
It’s just another guy named Jorge Figueiredo who has a blog.
I think he lives in Portugal or Brazil. So if you want to visit him, knock yourself out.
Of course, don’t blame me if he comes looking for you.

The Runner


Dave came up with this selection.
He also included an explanation as to why he chose it…

This guy, but only because of the haircut. (Okay, also because of that time you were shot in the buttocks.)

Dave always knows how to bring back painful memories.

The Rock

The People must test my deodorant.

My brother chose The Rock as someone who I resemble. I asked him why, and this is what he said…

The picture just looked like you with a tattoo, and you have a lot of charisma.

That was a really nice thing of him to say. Considering he is one of the smartest people I know, I figure he’s right.
Of course, he failed to mention my eyebrow problems and my inability to speak in anything but the third person.

The Awful Truth

Loincloths are in! Trust me! I wear it Scottish Style!

Shatton picked Giant Kamala as my lookalike.
He has an interesting way of looking at things, so I’ll let him explain…

This is a pic of someone who reminds me of you (but not the other way around). Because he is as crazy as you be.

There is nothing I can add to that statement.

17 Responses

  1. My vote is for the Rock.

    I thought that the first time I met you.

    Can you do the eyebrow thing?

    Can you, in fact, smell what you are cooking?

    Heh heh… I’ve gotten a few good ones too.. with my current picture, I get Brad Pitt a lot… meh, i don’t know about that, but my “look” changes so often that I get a LOT of different ones… I’ve gotten Sean Patrick Flannery?? Not sure if I’ve got the name right, but Stiffler… I had a woman approach me in the parking lot of Golden Griddle and ask me for my autograph… she thought I was Matt Damon… yeah right lady, Matt Damon often hangs out with his parents at Golden Griddle in Newmarket… ha ha.

    When I have my hair in the “caesar” cut, my parents and grandparents tell me I look like the unibomber… sheesh… Timothy McVay. Nice eh? Nothing like family to boost your confidence!


  2. Your doppelgangers are way more interesting then mine.

    Folks, if you’d like a quick Forrest Gump hairstyle comparison, just check out Rebo: https://barkingspace.wordpress.com/2005/12/31/retrospective/

    Scroll to the bottom.

  3. I still think you look most like the man wearing the ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt I saw at Taco Bell the other day. If I hadn’t been afraid of his massive wife beating me up, or looking like a complete weirdo, I would have taken his picture. Then I would have had to figure out how to send pictures from my cell phone to the computer, and that would have taken me seven years, so it would have been no help to you anyway. Ha!

    Your haircut in the picture Dave referenced was freakishly like Forrest Gump’s. Now all I need is to hear you say “Life is like a box of chocolates” to complete the visual.

    And, by the way, I LOVE the Rock. He is hot. You are hot. I can totally see the resemblance.


  4. I think you have the Will Smith thing going on personally. Maybe a little M Night as well…. minus the annoying cameo appearances in your own movies.

    If the Mothers of Will, M Night and David Carradine got together in a laboratory…. you my friend might be the result of their handiwork.

    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking Jorge?

  5. I don’t know what he’s cookin’.
    But he’s nekkid when he’s doin’ it.

  6. I think you’re the evil twin …but there’s nothing wrong with being evil right?? …

    lucky you ….i’m going to toronto from April 30th – May 3rd …so if you work downtown …let me know ….I’ll buy you a beer 🙂 …have a good one ..TTfN

  7. I think my choice would be M. Night, because hes a handsome man, and as we all know, Jorge, You are the handsome man. So. it all works out.
    JAMES-Sean William Scott.
    I don’t think I have a celebrity twin.
    which saves some poor celebrity from looking like THIS! lol


  8. Maybe Curious George IN a loincloth?

  9. It’s funny, cuz I’ve often thought your voice sounded like Will Smith. But you don’t look like him. I think she was flirting with you. 😉

    oh and by the way….i’m back out of hibernation….but my post sucks. i’m rusty.

  10. Definitely the Rock! The Rock is so effing awesome in so many ways… and so my friend are you 🙂

    I’ve never been told I look like anyone… except Marylin Monroe… and I’m not even blonde so I don’t know where that comes from… but I’ve been told that by at least 3 people. Bizarre.

  11. I’m your uncle so you have to listen to what I say. I only speak the truth so ignore everyone else. And it’s not even debatable (okay maybe a little). It’s Will Smith (from a look-alike and talent perspective). I’ve thought that from way back (the Fresh Prince days). Peace out Brudda J.

  12. WoW I have been gone a long time havent I! thanks for stopping in I will be coming back soon, I have been going through alot of changes and I do have much to write about. It is nice to see that people still come looking for me LOL


  13. oh man – i can’t belive you let humans pick who you resemble… if you let the ‘net do it, you get even more bizarro combinations….
    go to http://www.myheritage.com and check out the celebrities you “could” resemble 😉

  14. This is fun. 🙂 At least once every couple of months, one of my friend will say something like “you in this photo remind me of someone.” Then I will start the list: Breakfast club Ally Sheedy? Beetle Juice Winona Ryder? that woman from A Knight’s Tale? Your friend’s sister? (I always look like someone’s sister.)

    You’re list is much better. 🙂

  15. Hey Jorge,
    Did I tell you that? That’s a shame, because you are WAY better looking than the Fresh Prince! 🙂

  16. P.S. – Thanks for calling me “pretty”.

  17. Yeah. YOU told me that.

    Ah, those heady days of high school bus rides.

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