April Fool!

Foiled By a Saturday

I thought that I would have many more comments than the few I received regarding my farewell to blogging.

Unfortunately, it being a Saturday – the least likely day for people to be blogging – my joke was foiled.

Rest assured (to whomever may be missing enough sanity to enjoy my blog) that I’m not going anywhere.

It was all in fun.

However, I do appreciate the sentiments that people left. It warms my heart to know that I have made so many new friends on here.

Later on tonight, or tomorrow, I will post the story of one of the best April Fool jokes I ever pulled.


9 Responses

  1. You are a bastard.

    And I am an idiot.

    Well played, my friend.

  2. Revenge is sweet and it will be mine….someday… ahh but when?

  3. lol Good one… I’d hate to think you really were leaving and I didn’t care 🙂
    Have a great Saturday night *Hugs*

  4. Even if it was true, I would have had confidence that you’d come CRAWLING BACK!! 🙂

    Good try though! 😉 I would definitely have said farewell if I had seen it!

  5. LOL..Jorge.. ever the trickster
    I read your second blog first,
    I read your first blog second,
    AND Your silly.
    You make me giggle.

  6. Shortest April Fools joke ever. You didn’t even give me a chance to corroborate your story. (You call me about a minute before I was out the door for my double bill.) You silly bastard.


  7. Dude, you were the one who was giving me hell for making the joke last past midday. 🙂

    You stickler, you.

    Hopefully it will be on a weekday next year.

  8. You are a big big dork. But it’s all good.

    I however am taking a break from blogging for a while- I’ve got a little too much going on family-wise and want to write about it- but I’m sure they wouldn’t like me broadcasting it to the world. So I’m going private for a while.

    I’ll be checking out your blog as always though! If I do end up making it to Toronto I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for figtography exibits!

    x’s & o’s


  9. Knee slapper …NOT!! ..

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