Tale of the Tape

Pictoral Representation

Last time, I told the story of my dumb idea.

After Dave left that weekend I sketched my dumb idea in my sketchbook.

I found it over the weekend, and scanned it for your viewing pleasure…

Click to enlarge…

19 Responses

  1. Jorge, Thanks for all the comments…yea, you missed the wedding, and the “does anyone have any objections to this union…if so speak now or forever hold your pee” part. That’s the weirdest thing about a wedding ceremony, WHY would they say something like that?? (he, he, he…just kidding) Anyhow…hope you have a great day!!

  2. I love how all your “dumb Ideas” have something to do with dave. MUwhaha. thats so excellent! and i definitely like the guy in the pics mullet. you cant get any better than that.!! talk to you soon. xo ~Leah~

  3. Hahaha! Just so you know I have TEARS in my eyes because of the hilarity of
    A) the sketch
    B) that you would even think to sketch that.

  4. Thats a sweet sketch. I love the scaly detail

  5. That’s a great picture… Love it 🙂 Have a wonderful week… Karen

  6. I’m glad you found space #2 🙂 I appreciate your comments… Karen

  7. Can I help fight the dragon!? 😛

  8. Anytime, Beckadoo!

  9. too funny… mulleted warriors battling skyscraper-sized dragons… i love it. The human drama of it all… think how guilty the poor DRAGON must have felt… to have to fry endless amounts of gamers who get all that way only to make ONE bad decision… think of the therapy bills…

  10. I have utmost admiration for anyone who would choose to fight the dragon – knowing that he faced certain death. But really…A video game that KILLS you? Bad form, I say. Bad form. Thanks for stopping by my space. I’ll be back to yours.

  11. Hey Jorge…. just poppin in for a quick hello and what a laugh…glad to see I am not the only one who sketches dumb ideas…..lol Have a great Tuesday!!!! Cheers…. Diana

  12. well, i liked the fact you put your thoughts into drawings for all us silly people out there! Reckon you’d be a better slayer than St.George! ;p x

  13. well, i liked the fact you put your thoughts into drawings for all us silly people out there! Reckon you’d be a better slayer than St.George! ;p

  14. wow, i liked it so much i entered my comment twice! x

  15. and of course, illustrating one’s dumb ideas makes them WAY more smarter. p

  16. Er, “very nice” just doesn’t cut it.

  17. Lol I love it! It is the perfect example of the dumb super hero that you know just magically survives everthing while th epoor sidekick dies from fear. Very nice drawing by the way. XD

  18. Hmmm cool pic. You and Dave like – Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Batman & Robin, Abbot & Costello, Jeckle & Hyde…. Hmmmmmmm I do detect a pattern here… LOL. Keeping it Real De gurl

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