Pixel Back Figtography Agent

Well Pixel Me Surprised!

My friend Shatton has been heavily into the pixel art these days.

I can’t really remember how it all started, but he submitted some stuff to Conan O’Brien and then it all went downhill from there.

A lot of what he draws is great. The rest is astounding.

Check out this one he did of me…

You should go to his site. He just finished revamping it. It’s definitely amazing.

If You Live In Napa, and Need Your Back Fixed…

My friend Kristen is a chiropractor. She’s awesome and has her own practice. I recently designed her website for her and in the process, I learned a lot about chiropractic treatment.

Truthfully, I used to be a bit nervous about it, but reading about how her and her husband practice this interesting science made me rethink my opinion.

I might have to give it a try one day.

You can check her site out here.

Suggestions Regarding Figtography?

Does anyone have any suggestions for my photography? Whether it’s the homepage, the marketing, or the photos themselves, it would be nice to get some opinions on how to make it better.

As it stands, I’ve done a few shows, and sold a few pieces.

I would have to say that it is good to have my art support itself.

However, it’s always good to open it up to a bigger audience.

You can just e-mail me and let me know.

Clarica Agent Time

I most likely offended quite a number of people with my post yesterday about lyrics posted meaninglessly on blogs.

I suppose I could have been more clear by mentioning that it is those that just post lyrics without any context or explanation that really puzzle me.

It’s one thing to use song lyrics to illustrate a point or an emotion. However, to not actually post anything other than song lyrics just strikes me as odd.

That’s all.

I’m sorry if any one of my friends were possibly offended (especially Age and Cathy). I happened to write that post after visiting a bunch of self-professed cool sites with this type of behaviour. I realize that you’ve both posted song lyrics either slightly before or after I made my post.

It was not directed at you.

It was actually directed at Dave and Kris*.

* – I’m KIDDING!

18 Responses

  1. I’m hooked on Figtography…more cat pics 😉

  2. thanks got sick of the music after 24 hours had to change it.. the frog gets to you. greatings from ottawa! thanks for signing in

  3. The only thing more offensive then yesterday’s post was the apology for yesterday’s post. I hate you. Love, D

  4. Thanks for the great comment, I realized I havent’ been here in well toooooo long…..sorry, apparently I must have taken you out of my IE favs meaning to put you on the list and well…..didn’t…..oops…..I’m a bad blogger! I was reading about the accident, holy crow man, you are one lucky dude, I love the line about the golden horseshoe, we all seem to have one somehow, my hubby’s is for finding jobs….mine is for near misses, I have been close to many accidents but only been in one (not my fault)….oh I also have one for not getting speeding tickets, seriously I have a lead foot and never gotten a ticket, only been stopped once, just a warning….whew You really peaked my interest with that blogtracker you are using, I think I may give it a go (i hate the stats counters I have seen elsewhere) …. Have a great one, you are added (again) to my favs list….i’ll update the other again one of these days…hopefully soon! C U later!

  5. Chiropractors are the only reason why most of my family still exists.

  6. Oh Jorge. #1 Your figtographs are great. Myself, not much of a photographer and I doubt I could offer anything very constructive to help you out. I’ll keep it in mind that you’re interested though, and if anything does pop into my head I’ll let you. The website layout is definitely cool. Oh, I do have one thing- having the thumbnails actually touching the photos makes it a little hard to visualise the photos on their own because I sort of see them as part of the picture and then it kind of skews proportion/center/etc. Am I making sense? #2 My friend just went to Chiropractic school (first day yesterday) and I do love getting my back cracked. Unfortunately I’m not in Napa. #3 I like lists #4 I’ll post lyrics if I want to- with or without an explanation thank you very much. (I’m a little late to act huffy aren’t I?) “She’s just a girl/And she says silly things/Like money won’t buy you happiness/’Specially not your minimum wage” – She’s Just a Girl by Burke Ingraffia Hope you’re doing well! Theresa

  7. I swear, your sense of humor is priceless….that last comment you left me, cracked me up! I’m still waiting for those movie offers to come pouring in, though…lol. Paige :o)

  8. Just lurking around again 🙂 lol love your post from yesterday hehe..

  9. JUST DOING THE BLOG WALK THINGY.. Had to get rid of the crazy frog.. i got tired cleaning the microwave!!! come on over to my place for a cup of coffee!!!!!!

  10. nope… close though.. I just moved back to Woodstock. I was living in Nova Scotia for the past 4 years.

  11. I find you generally offensive, not just on those rare moments that it is your express intent to offend and mortify…. Your snarky behaviour and your petulance….. But despite your best efforts…. you are still a great guy… Have you given the neighbourhood girls a thrill by grillin’ in the buff of late? They really appreciated it when you dropped the tongs back in June. I leave you with song lyrics and offer no explanation of why I am posting them in your comment section: She’s got the look, -’she’s got the look’- She’s got the look, -’she’s got the look’- What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue When everything I’ll ever do, I’ll do for you And I go: la la la la la She’s got the look

  12. I’m with Dave on this one.

  13. Haha, his pixel art is great, ‘specially since I’m from the generation of kids that vegitated in front of NES’ staring at the pixelated wonders. Damn you polygons!

  14. ROFL… Grilling nekkid?? HA!!!! I didn’t see comments that read like anyone was offended. Hmm.

  15. /—————\…..….|~~\_____/~~\__…| |….Movie……|_____\______====== )-+ | titles Rnd 6.|……….’………..~~~|/~~…| \—————/……………………….…() Cruising through spaces & just flew by to let you know that …… The new Movie Titles quiz has been posted. http://spaces.msn.com/members/ahomey/Blog/cns!1pxNmnhYm-iJ9qm3MYXIbBtQ!1717.entry So get in there and make your picks as to what the answers are. Good luck!!! Keeping it Real!!! Booyah!!! D€ Gûr£ ô¿~

  16. just dropping by for a quick howdy..was amused by the Mary had a Little Lamb lyrics..but I guess you are right about the meaning thing lol..see ya ’round. Julie

  17. Hey thanks for pimping me again! I promise to make a better drawing of you someday. Maybe even dancing! Haha. NF_PhillyCheeseSteak: thanks for the compliment! Polygons may be fnacy, but they’re still textured wtih bitmaps. Hahaha.

  18. LOL #100 is when I’m having sex..but hey..if you want to call out my name when you are having sex..go right ahead!! It’ll turn me on as much LMAO Julie

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