The Wilderness Greeting

A Return From the Wilderness

I just returned from an interior camping trip today and I am beat. The one crappy thing about camping is cleaning up and putting away everything you used for the trip. I will post more about the trip in the days to come.

In the mean time, I will post a link to ten of the photos I took during the trip. I took more, of course, but these are among what I consider to be the best ones.

You can check them out here.

A Birthday Greeting

Warm wishes to my friend Elbie. I’ve known this guy since university, and he is a wonderful friend. Quirky and highly intelligent, he will go that extra mile to make sure you’re always taken care of. So here’s to him! Happy Birthday, man!

The little boy grew
Another year this fine day
Good tidings to him

9 Responses

  1. Well happy birthday Elbie; though I don’t know him but I do know that anyone who you (obviously I’m talking about you Jorge) know; has got to be warm-hearted and amazing! I’m glad to hear that you had a fantastico time on your adventures in the wilderness (I’m just about to check out your photographs). I’m sorry that I’m a terrible blogger; you’ll just have to forgive me as I’m going through a ton of changes at the moment (moving, looking for a new place and maybe a new job as well). Besides, if you look on the brightside of things than you’d realize how much time you now have on your lunch breaks as I haven’t been sending you five gazillion hai-kuuls a day! HA HA 🙂 Miss you though… Cheers, Drea

  2. You got some incredible shots there on your Algonquin trip. I really can’t pic out one in particular, but they are all great. The one with the fog coming up off the water is very cool. And the colours! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. Oh my god, those pictures are incredible! The ones at sunset are my favorite!

  4. Hey Jorge, really great pictures of your trip! Right before we left, Jason was like “should we bring a camera?” but alas, they were all dead. Turns out, it was just as well. We had one particularly “classic us” moment when we nearly upended our canoe. I keep insisting that the pedal boat is more to my liking and we do often take it off the dock at jason’s dad’s place, but we are often followed by a little tribe of ducks that make us feel like old geisers. Anyhoo, maybe I’ll just link to yours and pretend they’re from my trip as well . 😉

  5. Loved the last shot Jorge – the blues just contrast so vividly with the darkness. Good to hear that camping went well – and I do agree, the worst part is always the clean-up! Have a great week!

  6. Wow… those pics are insanly beautiful, looks like a beautiful place to be camping… and yes, the packing up is the worst!! is it even humanly possible to get your tent back into the little holder covery thingy? (yeah, just woke up, liiiiiitle slow this morning) They never seem to fold right again…well they never do for me anyway, perhaps its a missing chromosome or soemthing. Cheers! *lick*

  7. Good Day to you Jorge! I am currently working and unable to answer my MSN messages, but I do have three minutes to comment. Your photos are beautiful ) I hope you had a great time camping. I went to Brockville to the BBBQ this weekend, and had a blast. I got an apology from the Amazon. YAY!! Thanks again!!! Will talk to you later today at some point! Linette

  8. Excellent pictures! I will try my very best not to writhe in a fit of jealousy. Ok- that’s passed. Now I can just appreciate them- the third from the top is my favorite. The misty/foggy/light sort of one. Glad you had a nice trip! T

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