Another Hallmark Event Passed – And a Recommendation

So, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Or as my PhD friend calls it, “Made-Up Day”.

I was sitting with my wife for a nice dinner out last night, when I told her that I didn’t really believe in Valentine’s Day. She understandably looked a little shocked, as I am an aspiring romantic, and admittedly enjoy things that would prompt other guys to label me “a sissy” (The last label they would ever give, I might add).

It is true, though, that I don’t really believe in it. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should not just be limited to one day. And by Valentine’s Day I mean, of course, the non-commercial aspect of it. Yes, I like to buy cards (or make them if I can), and yes, I like to buy flowers. However, I don’t really need a reason for these.

Why am I writing this? One would think that my intentions are to make you think I am cooler than I actually am (which would be an outright lie. I could never make anyone believe that I am actually cooler). In reality, it’s just a reminder to share good experiences with those you care about. Valentine’s Day is great for this because restaurants go out of their way to make things more romantic, and they also step away from their standard fare. I like this. It’s like a one-day Winterlicious.

Once in a while, I will drop the names of some great places to eat. Now, it goes without saying that my opinion of these places is just that: my opinion. So if you go, and have a bad time, please don’t blame me. You can feel free to leave comments here so that other people can judge whether or not they would like to go based on the opinions of more than just one person.

Last night, we went to a restaurant called Merlot. It is located on Bloor St W just East of Royal York Rd. It is a nice French place in The Kingsway. The meal experience there is the opposite of the one that we had at Bloom. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff are very nice. The food is out of this world.

We tend to celebrate special events in our lives there, because it rocks.

Let me know if you would like directions.

7 Responses

  1. Oh, so Valentine’s has gotten commercial, has it? Next thing, you’ll be saying the same thing about Christmas.

    Go back to Pinko-Commie Land, Commie.

  2. Made up holiday or not, I like presents, he he! I see your point, love is year round, but pigging out on chocolates isn’t 😉

  3. Yep, VD is a joke VALENTINES DAY i meant of course 🙂 VD, I doubt would be much of a joke.

    Although…i have to admit, until this year I used to get really wrapped up in it, this year for some reason, I didn’t. When you know your significant other loves you to death, you don’t need that ONE day to recognize it, you got the other 364 to celebrate! 🙂

  4. why is it that women find it romantic to be given flowers – which are essentially the reproductive structures of plants – their genetalia as it were. we go out, and savagely cut or tear the package off some poor plant, give them to a woman, and then she sniffs them! its archaic. barbaric. sure… appreciation of plant life makes sense in an darwinian kind of way – the guy who remembers which flowers have medicinal or food qualities will have a better chance of living long enough to pass those traits along to his kids… (or her kids…) (or maybe his early cro-magnon wife was appreciative enough to give him some extra cave-nooky)

    I think that instead of giving plant genetalia, we should give animal genetalia. ‘Here honey, take a whiff of this, it’s a bear’s wiener. I love you too’.


  5. It’s true about not really needing a day for these things. I let my wife know how much I care every day


  6. Speaking of plant genetalia, I’m sure Algonquin man will correct me if I’m wrong….it’s interesting that plants rely on other creatures or other forces of nature to copulate. Can you imagine?…..
    “If the wind blows just right, my sperm will land in that there nookie.”…or….”Excuse kind worker bee, my weiner won’t reach any nookie. Could you please take some my sperm and deliver it to that nookie over there?….aw hell, take a whole bunch and deliver to any nookie you want.”

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