Nature’s Berries

Kiddo and I play the Disney Edition of Trivial Pursuit from time to time, which involves us asking each other questions from different decks (I ask her the questions from “younger kids” deck, and she asks me questions from the “older kids” deck). Of course, game-play involves a fair amount of witty repartee (or trash talk, if you like). The other day we had an exchange that made us laugh so hard it felt worthy of a retelling.

I can’t remember the question, but the conversation that followed went like so…

Kiddo: So what’s your answer?
Me: Er…stones.
Kiddo: Wrong! The correct answer is “berries”.
Me: That’s what I said!
Kiddo: No. You said “stones”.
Me: “Stones” is just another word for “berries” in…um…another language!
Kiddo: Oh, really?
Me: Yes! In fact, stones are just nature’s berries!
Kiddo: Actually, berries are natures berries…

It was at this point that we started laughing uncontrollably.

I love my kid.

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