The End is Nigh

Good Thing We Get to Start Over Again Tomorrow

That’s the wonderful thing about our species. We are so fixated on redo’s that we created a cyclic calendar.


Some medieval jackass probably screwed up things with his wife and invented a calendar to allow himself to achieve redemption.

But enough about my theories of history…

What was this year all about?


Moreso than any other year, I would say.

Certainly last year, the year of Two Thousand and Suck (as coined by Dave), was a challenging year.

But this year was insane.

Let’s review things that I have learned…

  • When they say that contractions are a certain amount of time apart, they are referring to an average, not that every contraction is exactly five minutes apart.
  • If your first baby arrives after four hours from the onset of active labour, you should consider preparing to have your second child at home.
  • The strongest friendships weather any storm. Even ones thrown at you by the devil himself.
  • Sometimes you find a new friend where and when you least expected it. Most likely closer than you might have imagined.
  • While friendship is the glue that binds us all together, WhyNattes is the solvent that melts away life’s problems.
  • Having a child makes you want to live forever.
  • No matter how little you change when you have a baby, almost everyone will treat you differently. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes this is bad. Just be ready to be considered different.
  • Life is never as bad as you think. And while it could always be worse, being passive about improving it is stupid. You need to get your hands dirty.
  • I never get to see the Biologist, Turtle Woman, the Mife, the Blife, or Farley and Company very often. But we’re all still close, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
  • I do get to Manchu with Shatton on a regular basis, which is awesome.
  • Achieving a Black Belt is more about sacrifice than hard work.
  • Achieving a Black Belt while landscaping your back yard is not only tiring, but probably idiotic.
  • Grandparents are fueling the housing market. Seriously, if you have ever had the thought where the hell are we going to put all of these presents?, you’ll know why the suburbs are so populated.
  • Toronto Thumbs is awesome. And not just because I write for it.
  • No matter how awesome your spouse is, if they get you a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, they will become creatures of legend for the duration of your natural life.

Not really a long list, but I don’t want to get all teary-eyed on you.

This has been a year of learning and wonder. I wish you all the very best for the New Year.

May you make all of your dreams come true.

7 Responses

  1. thanks Jorge. The way to make all my dreams come true is for your wife to buy me a Wii…or at least a Nintendo DS.

  2. My wife because awesome when she got me a Colecovision for Christmas oh so many years ago.

    And this year my kids got me a (very lightly) used DS Lite.
    Now all I need is to find my reading glasses to play the darn thing.

    My son and I are trolls playing in the dungeon. My daughter alternates between sleeping beauty (i.e. she wakes up late in the afternoons) or the princess in the tower player her final fantasy online up in her room.

    What did we do before we had gaming systems for Christmas?

  3. Holy Happy New Year Batman!

    Welcome to the Wii World.

    Ps – I don’t think you’re weird, simply because you have offspring. There are *loads* more reasons.

  4. Credit where credit is due: two-thousand and suck was coined by Sarah. Here’s to 2008 being filled with less woo-woo-woo.

    I’d raise my glass and cheers you, but I’m at work and I’ve already had way too much to drink.

  5. Jorge, based on your list ’07 was a year that included many smiles. What a great one!

    And many wishes for this being even better than that.

  6. Happy New Year, Jorge…

    …may you and the girls have a blessed and amazing 2008!

  7. Well penned, sirrah. Have a happy year Two Thousand and Wii!

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