MehWii Christmas!


I thought my wife was tops for our collaborative Little J project.

Apparently she has iced the cake with a little electronic device that I was trying to figure out how to save up for next year.

While not so outwardly demonstrative, you can bet your bottom dollar that what I’m doing on the inside kinda looks like this…

Just replace the words “Nintendo 64” with the words “Nintendo Wii”.


7 Responses

  1. Such joy! I hope your voice has changed since then though.


    I hope the Wee J got something wii-ly nice too.

    Too many puns for one sentence? Maybe. Just try and stop me, though! Muahahaahaaaaaa!

  3. Now to see if you start walking around with bruises from all your Wii mishaps

  4. Just remember: the wrist strap is your friend!

    Congrats and have fun!

  5. Now you can finally play Wii Divining Rod, Wii Hold the TV Remote Protectively in Your Lap, and Wii Airport Security Wand! Huzzah!

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  7. Are you pjs as cute, or cuter?

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