Knock Three Times…

Story Time

On Saturday night, I told our unborn child (McFiggy) a story for the first time.

Apparently the baby responds to my voice, becoming quite active and raising a ruckus. I hope this is a good thing.

Most times, there will be visible evidence of McFiggy’s activity. Usually McFiggy will deliver a good shot, sufficient to make Mrs. J’s belly show a bump for a second. Never more than one at a time, and always with a significant amount of time in between them

I rested my head on Mrs. J’s belly and told the story of the Three Little Pigs.

The story seemed well received.

No Freakin’ Way…

Sunday night we were settling in. Mrs. J asked me if I was going to tell McFiggy a story that night.

I wanted Mrs. J to get some shut eye, so I said I would have storytime the next night.

Then there was a bump from the belly, indicating that there was an interested party. I looked at Mrs. J and asked her if we could let the baby decide.

She agreed.

I put my cheek on the belly and said…

Hey you. It’s your Dad. If you want me to tell you a story, give me two bumps, please.

A few seconds…



Then nothing.

How could anyone not think that is awesome?

So last night was all about Jack and the Beanstalk.


I was telling Dave about this. He thought it was cool and suggested using this phrase the next time…

Okay, it’s your Dad. If you want me to tell a story, do the drum beat from We’re Not Gonna Take It…

11 Responses

  1. I find it amazing that your unborn child can talk.

    Already starting with the “Look how smart my child is” syndrome. 😉

    Just kidding!!!

    My daughter listened to music and karate kiais in the womb. She now loves to dance and has a mean little karate yell….They do hear quite a bit

  2. Sorry I meant “I find it amazing that your unborn child can count”

  3. That is awesome! You should put that story in bedtime story rotation when they are older.

  4. OMG.
    You better clear the drum solo with Mrs J.


  5. Jorgetown,
    That story makes me so swoony like I want a baby. and makes me want Tim to tell storys to my belly. But then i realize that if i got pregnant, I’d be Big as a house and cranky soooo soo cranky. and eat everything i saw. it makes me reconsider. for now anyways. 🙂

    im so happy for you both.I mean all three of youse!


  6. Oh wow , isn’t it something , your little one is already responding to you …. how blessed you are…keep up the stories … Amazing 🙂
    love has no bounds nor bairrers (sp) ….


  7. Oh God, I miss those days. I used to be able to see the entire outline of Braeden’s foot through the skin of my belly. What an incredible experience.

    Enjoy these times, Jorge. Especially since you seem to have a genius child in there who will require a very expensive education!!

  8. Luckily these cool responses are quiet. This may not last very much longer.

    Also: that’s P.F.C.

    Yay McFiggy!

  9. Jorge, that is the coolest story ever. I love such “in utero” stories.

  10. Are you taking requests? I’d like to throw out Queen’s We Will Rock You.

    I’m sure Mrs. J would LOVE that.

  11. Wow Jorge! Incredible! As always, randomly stopping by results in smiles all around. Will be posting the decision process as to lenses – I am open to all advice, as dSLR is a brand new challenge for me! Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family!

    Take care,

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