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  1. Tortiere. yum yum! Haven’t had it since in years *pout*

  2. I make some real kickass shortbread cookies at Christmas. As a general rule I’m not fond of shortbread, except for the ones I make.

  3. Clementines…. I eat them by the case. It’s the only time of the year they are sweet and juicy! 🙂

  4. Meatpie – it’s my paternal grandfather’s family recipe, and it’s the traditional Christmas Eve meal at Chez Larocque.

  5. rum balls, and christmas cookies

  6. I like beer egg nog, which isn’t a food, but my favourite beverage of the season. For solids, I’d have to say the many yummy yummy treats created by my mum and aunts.

    Mum has this one treat that is lined with crushed graham crackers… so good! Aunt Sandra’s shortbread cookies are freakin’ fab, too.

    *sob* They will be so missed!

  7. Anything bread-related. Homemade rolls, pumpkin bread, banana bread . . .

    I love carbs!! (My thighs, not so much.)

  8. Stuffin’ … Mmmmm Stuffin’

  9. lots and lots of cranberries and of course chocolate. my homemade brown bread (it’s one of the few times I make it 🙂 ….
    Hmmmm I love to eat … LOL 😀


  10. Lindor chocalates, Herbal Teas, Eggnog, christmas cookies

  11. well my mum makes the best stuffing ever, and i also love Panatone its a tradition that my italian/dutch neighbours give one to us, its this italian bread cake thing, super great. And of course my Gramma’s whipped shortbread. Drool…. IM totally stealing the rest of it thats at my parents house in the freezer;)

    thanks for the idea:P


  12. When I used to spend Christmas with my grandma, for breakfast she used to serve homemade (from the dutch bakery) cinnamon buns and a bread that essentially translates into “sugar bread”. Always consumed with a great deal of butter! Mmmmm. Too bad she can’t come to our place for Christmas!

  13. There is no room for Grandma at the moment.

  14. Mom used to make me baked ziti on my birthday. So simple yet so warm and comforting.

    I also love the taste of homemade Maple Walnut Cake. Reminds me of three novice bakers – my father, my sister and me – attempting to dazzle my mother for her birthday.

  15. Fried Turkey. It’s so decadent, yummy and full of flavor.

    Can drool hurt my keyboard?

  16. My Mother makes peppermint cheesecake every year for Christmas. There is whipping cream in it which increases the decadence and of course fat content 🙂

    Take care Jorge,


  17. Stollen – I think it is a German thing? It’s popular here in Britain, I used to get it from Marks&Spencer when they still existed in T.O. Since then, I bring them back from London when I can. It’s all about the marzipan!

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