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  1. Welcome to th club buddy!

  2. Riiiiiiiiiigt after your mortgage is paid off.

    In other words: in No time! 🙂

  3. Just in time for the we live in an ‘established’ home pains to kick in. You know, like ‘we need to redo the roof’ or ‘the furnace needs to be replaced’ etc.

    It’s enough to drive me to drink … excellent.

  4. Welcome to the club.

    If its not repairs to the home, its new clothes for the kid or oh..oh the car needs new brakes.

    It stops when they are putting dirt on your face.

    Enjoy your life.

  5. It will end the moment that you find that crucial piece of ephemera that’s been missing since you packed it at the old place.

  6. it’s on going …. as baby makes three …. You’ll find things in time or not … somethings just go missing forever, others years, others days ….
    Keep your chin up and smile , it really will end soon …:) lol you’ll never want to move again … until …whenever …
    Good luck

  7. The day after never!

    One day far in to the future your going to come home and realize you are HOME.

    Good luck..

    My therapist once told me moving is the most stressful thing you can do in your life. So if your feeling a bit unravelled lately, remember you have a perfectly good right to!

  8. Now.

    No, wait…


  9. Oh, don’t misconstrue what I am saying.
    I do feel like I’m home.

    It’s just a messy home.

  10. That last box will be unpacked sometime in the seventh year . . .

    (Just kidding. I hope.)

    Good luck!

  11. Duuuude….. put the empty boxes in the garage.
    If you don’t have empty boxes yet – get yer crap outta them pronto! No one wants to have to dig through cardboard when it’s -12 to put on a sweater that is also -12.


  12. we moved in to this place in july, still have unpacked boxes….and its only an apartment!! not a house full of things. so… It takes time. but make it into a game. a long torturous game:)



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