All I Want for Christmas is Super-Human Speed…

…Or the Ability to Manipulate the Space-Time Continuum.

Since our move, I find myself short on time. Everything seems to be creeping up and jumping out at me from behind the corners ahead.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the do-it-yourselfing that we’ve been doing. It has not been too bad, but there are a lot of little things that need to be taken care of.

And so, other things have taken a back seat. Things like Christmas cards.

It’s December 18th, and I haven’t even sent out one yet. This is a new low for me.

So if you’ve sent us one and have not received one back, please accept my apologies.

It Feels Like Home to Me

Christmas woes aside, it certainly feels good to have our own place.

You tend to feel invested in a place when you have to paint it. Especially the cranberry-coloured accent wall which took six coats of paint.

I’m damned proud of that wall.

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  1. Note that your SO might want to avoid painting during her “delicate flower” phase. It’s probably not much to worry about, but the safest course of action is avoidance; you can google it if you want.


  2. I bet that wall is a wall of pride your first ever in a new home. Please do watch the fumes and have windows open …
    So many challenges and so little time through christmas but it will all be better after …


  3. According to “MotherRisk”, Latex paint in a well-ventillated area is not a problem.

    However, all of that was done weeks ago.

    The pnly painting left to be done is the baby’s room, and I keep the door closed and window open in there.

    Thanks for the words, guys!

  4. i want to see photos of the house! And the WALL.

    So there.

  5. Oh Jorge,

    From a woman’s perspective: Avoid the “delicate flower” stage! It is unbearable. Otherwise, the cranberry colours aren’t bad. No Flowers!! They look great in a vase or in the garden. Not all over! LOL!!

    Take care and happy painting – get on at least the Christmas cards to your family – they are the ones that matter most 🙂


  6. Aaaah, the space-time continuum… I’ve been sweating over that thing for weeks! I asked you to give a me a break, and still you ride me. FINE! You’ll have it in working-order by Dec 26th. Will that suit you?


    Feeling like home… must be a nice to come home to. Lucky guy!

  7. “Delicate flower” stage??? I don’t think so. Given the information from Mother Risk, the fact that my exposure is minimal and it’s a well ventilated area….I’m not so worried. It’s not like I’ve locked myself in a small, windowless room and am doing the painting myself!!!

    Thank you Jorge for all of your hard work. The place is really shaping up to look like a home.


    Love, me.

  8. You should be proud of each and every wonderful inch of it. This year has been one of such radical change (for both of us!) and if I dare say we’ve come through it with beautiful, flying colors. Including cranberry.

    love to you both.

  9. All you want for Christmas is superhuman speed? Too bad all I got you was . Which you did ask for, might I remind you.

  10. Gee, that certainly worked! See, what was supposed to happen there was it’d say “Too bad all I got you was my dick in a box, and you know, that last part would be the link, but I’m too stupid to bend the httmls to my will, so it would seem.

  11. Dammit! I forgot to close the quote!

    That’s it. Consider this my official retirement from the internet.

  12. I laughed at “Jew presents,” too. Every time I think of it, in fact.

    I couldn’t fathom sending Christmas cards out. I have this complete aversion to anything to do with mailing things: boxes, stamps, envelopes. I’ve been trying to mail a couple of things lately and have put it off for 5 days!!!

    Cranberry — sweet! I would love a cranberry wall!

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