Progress – This, That and the Others


So far, things are going according to plan regarding the translation of the Spaces version of Barking Space to the WordPress version.

The challenge is the sheer volume, mostly of the haiku entries. Not to mention that in November the server that hosted my images took a tumble, leaving most of the articles that had pictures without images.

So now it’s all about uploading those images again. But before I do that, I have to find them and format them.


The Figtography Blog seems to be a success. Quite a number of visitors have been to the site, and there are a number of comments.

If you haven’t gone already, I encourage you to go.

One warning I have to give you is that the photos are all posted by date. So it may appear that none have been added recently.

I apologize for making people do work to look at my images. That was never my intention when I started time-stamping everything.

The Others

Who watched the seaon finale of Lost last night?

I don’t think I have enough pee to properly express my excitement over what transpired in the two hours of the episode.

I know there was a lot of disappointment over season one’s ending. I don’t think that will be the case this time.

Any thoughts? Theories?

13 Responses

  1. What did one snowman say to the other snowman?


    Smells like carrots.

  3. Nobody told me it was 2 hours. At one point, I said to Jason: it feels like we’ve been watching for a long ass time, especially since I slept for half an hour somewhere in there.

    Meanwhile, it was already 10:40.

    I think I’m out for the count for next season. If I ever meet JJ in person, I’ll be sure to give him a good bonk on the nose.

  4. JJ should get a good bonk on the nose for MI:3.

  5. I dig the fig

  6. The only thing I know is that Desmon’s old girlfriend’s dad is involved in the Dharma project somehow.

    And that the finale was FREAKING AWESOME WICKED.

  7. Am I the only person wondering how the amount of urine appropriately gauges ones excitment? Although I’d definitely NOT like a show, I would like to know.

    Or maybe I don’t…

  8. If you think that just watching the TV show in all consuming try the internet scavenger hunt ‘The Lost Experience’ on for size. It’s running all summer long with all sorts of psuedo web sites, fake hackers, fake commericals during the TV episodes and buckets of clues. It is really well done though. They even had the made up Director of Communications of the Hanso Foundation on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night.

    But if you appreciate your free time, do not under any circumstances go to or call 1-877-HANSORG

  9. eep!
    “The blog you were looking for, doesn’t exist but you can create it now!”

    that can’t be good.

  10. Now that it’s spelled correctly, it should work.

    Someone is going to take my blogging license away if I’m not careful.

  11. I think my blogging license was taken away from Las Vegas Weddings At Cupid’s But marriage won’t solve that problem lol*

  12. dont understand how to steal the licence

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