La Dolce Convo

Jorge and Dave Have Another Conversation

Here’s a little gem, fresh off the presses.

Once in a while (read: a lot, probably) I will vent frustrations about stuff to Dave, who sits there, listens, and provides feedback if necessary. It’s one of the things that makes him such an awesome friend.

Of course, there are also times when he inadvertently comes up with something pants-peeingly funny, thus diffusing my negativity and making my day way better than it started off…

Jorge: Hey mano, thanks for letting me vent.
Dave: No problem.
J: One of these days you have to vent to me.
J: But you never have to vent, do ya?
J: You’re living La Dolce Vita
D: That’s right. Inside upside down or whatever.
J: [Pause] That’s La Vida Loca, man.

8 Responses

  1. I wonder what living inside upside down is like.. rather disorientating i’d imagine 🙂

    Have a great weekend,

  2. tehehe. that is funny. 🙂 and now i have ricky martin playing in my head.

  3. Ah, Ricky Martin.

    My one-and-only crush on a gay man.

  4. Oh boy, now I’m picturing the La Vida Loca video, Dave looks good in leather pants 😛

  5. Hope you dont mind I have nominated you for
    Mr.April at the sexy of spaces space!

    btw .. are these dave convos for real? LOL

    have a great week!

    Aphrodite xo

  6. All of the Dave conversations are real.

    They are typed up as close to the conversation as is possible for me to remember.

  7. Either way is good.
    As long as there’s dancing.

  8. jeez, I always begin my day w/you…. I am truly sad…. hopefully we will keep in touch I do so enjoy your blog… what does blog stand for anyway? best of luck Jorge… succeed!!!

    Shellie’s Mom

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