Funny Story…

Not all of the content on here will be intellectual, thought provoking, or even inspirational.

Case in point: I originally posted this story as a comment to one of CHEEZEMO’s entries. It’s too funny not to share:


Once some friends and I were watching a movie. I cracked a knuckle, and my buddy sitting next to me did the same thing. We started cracking knuckles one at a time.

Fingers. Wrists. Shoulders. Ankles.

It was a game of Touch You Last, but with cracking limbs.

So, I had done the most recent crack (my last, actually, nothing left to ruin), and he says, “I can crack my tailbone. “

The room goes quiet, anticipating his tailbone crack, and he lets one rip. A nice, palpable gas expulsion. He honestly was only trying to crack his tailbone. That’s what made it so funny.

Farting now can be referred to as “Cracking the Tailbone”.

This is how legends begin…

2 Responses

  1. For the record, I CAN actually crack my tailbone, but it’s generally inadvisable to do so with a belly full of pizza and beer.

    Okay Mr. Shameful Story, don’t make me break out “Zip and Tuck.”

  2. I guess that’s my cue to execute a pre-emptive strike.
    tune in soon for “Zip and Tuck”

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