TGIF (How Many Times Have People Used THAT Title?)

Yesterday was a passable day. Actually the work portion was passable. The parts in between and after that were good.

Well, time at work was ok. Things seem to be getting on my nerves lately. Lots of people asking questions while I’m trying to get stuff done. People will be people I suppose. It just ends up making the days longer, and I don’t really feel all that productive. So it’s nice to be able to spend time on breaks or lunch away from it.

I had lunch with Shaun today, which was a lot of fun. I have a lot of weird friends, but they are weird in a good way. We each have overlapping senses of humour so it makes for a refreshing escape from work, whether we are just e-mailing each other haiku poems and limericks, or having lunch together.

Shaun and I laugh a lot when we hang out. I’m not sure if everyone thinks that’s a good thing, because when we laugh it sounds like we’ve just hatched some crazy scheme. We talked about how we used to film movies in high school rather than do a stand-up presentation.

I told him about how Adrian and I used to make movies about Romeo and Juliet that involved Star Wars crossovers complete with crappy special effects and creative camera usage. I’ll have to dig those up sometime, if I still have them.

We talked about different topics, and enjoyed our Cheddar Club toasted subs from Mr. Sub. They are so good. By the time lunch was over my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. We talked about making a ninja movie sometime with a really twisted plot device that we may or may not reveal.

I ended up working a little late because I wanted to get some more done. I didn’t end up really getting as much finished as I wanted, but every little bit helps. It’s nice that the weekend is here. I relaxed with my wife, ate some dinner, and just chilled. A well-deserved break.

I think that being sick, and not sleeping well have affected my ability to keep my mind focused on things lately.

Of course, that doesn’t explain this new obsession with blogging, does it?