The First Order of Business is…

Watch House.

It is the best show on Television.

Really. Do it now.

I don’t know why this show appeals to me so much. The character named Dr. Gregory House would drive me nuts were I a patient or subordinate in that hospital. He’s a mysanthropic, intelligent diagnostician who seems to have the answers to everything. No one likes the fact that he’s right all the time (least of all, the head Doctor at the hospital).

Lots of risks are involved in his experiments. Perhaps I like the fact that House thinks outside the box, and that he never gives up. The big picture always plays out in his mind as he pursues the answers to the most mundane problems. Now you have to watch an episode to see what the hell I am talking about. Go now.

On another note…

A friend and I were talking about his mood today. He mentioned he was grumpy because he’d just come back from the dentist. I told him that he was grumpy because he got the clap from the “bonus plan” that the dentist offered. The brush and tug.

I wonder what famed intellectual shortened “Body Rub Parlour” or “Erotic Massage Boutique” to “Rub and Tug”? It’s a work of genius, and yet, it seems like some kind of breakfast menu item.

“Margie, I’ll have a plate o’ ham n’ eggs, and my buddy Ralph over here’ll get himself a rub ‘n tug with coffee…”

It’s just weird.

The conversation went downhill from there, as we brought the idiotic element of the phrase to the fore by introducing the “Tug and Tug”. You know. Go down to the harbour and take a boat ride and get the finish when you’re done. Think of all the people who would be lining up for that!


I am a smart fellow.

A genius in fact…

6 Responses

  1. I like how the reference to our blogs came with a parental-discretion style warning, and then your second entry deals with handjobs. Nice.

    Suggestions for future topics: Mug n’ Tugs, Chug n’ Tugs, and Jug n’ Tugs.

  2. Indeed you are a genius! You can make a fortune operating your own tug ‘n’ tug.

  3. I suppose that I should put some kind of parental discretion thing on here. There is an option that allows you to keep this off the geneal airwaves, but then, at the same time, I don’t really think this qualifies as overly graphic or profane.

    If the MSN police come to get me, I’ll do what they say I suppose.

  4. Then again, Tug n’ Tug could also just be a Rub n’ Tug that goes on and on. “Okay… that’s good. No, I’ve finished. Please stop. I know I’ve paid for the full fifteen minutes, but that’s okay. No, please! It’s just hurting now! Ow! Arrggh! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT’S HOLY, PLEASE STOP!”

  5. Tug n Tug -hahahha

    What is the House MD? You sure you have the name right? I can’t find any tv show by that name 😦

    And regarding the Tug’n Tug – That could be quite dangerous. I mean, tug boats pull really heavy ships, and they are covered in a rubber bumper. Which means they can do some seriously bumping. What if there was a huge bump right at the time of the Tugging?

    You could potentially have something along the lines of a “Tug’n RIGHT OFF! ”


  6. House MD is a show about a diagnostician. He is awesome. Almost as cool as Shatton.

    I laughed at your Tug ‘n Tug scenario. Wow.

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