Back To the Future


We bought a car back in 2001 due to this minor inconvenience. Needless to say, consumer reports will tell you that the car we picked was a piece of crap.

I don’t like pointing fingers, though, so we will call the vehicle in question…

V. Jetta

Wait. That’s too obvious. Let’s just call it…

Volkswagon J.


We’ve had quite a number of problems with this car over the years, and so Dave has heard a lot of complaining from me on the subject.

So now Mrs. J and I are thinking about buying a new vehicle, mostly due to space issues. Our current car is just too small.

In a conversation with Dave the other day, I mentioned that we will finally be rid of our old car, which has served us fairly well, but also helped itself to our bank account. I told him that we’d finally be buyng a new one

Dave: So that’s it eh?
Jorge: Yes. I’m looking forward to getting a new car, man.
Dave: So, if you could only go back in time once, would you warn yourself not to buy that Jetta or would you kill Hitler?
Jorge: Well, I’d go back and warn myself for sure.
Dave: Really?
Jorge: Actually, now that I think about it, if I kill Hitler, Volkswagon might have become a different company and never made that car in the first place.
Dave: Good point.

Click to enlarge…

One Response

  1. Dave looks seriously pained during that audio call. Poor Dave.

    Bye bye, V. Jetta/Volkswagon J.

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