Idjit – A Tale In Pictures

Nu Kahr

So, Mrs. J and I are looking for a new vehicle on account of our own vehicle being too small these days. Baby J is growing faster than Industrial Hemp, so it’s important to be ready for such things.

So we’ve been bouncing a bunch of ideas around as to which car we were looking for when I asked Mrs. J about a Hyundai model.

Which one? Well, let me illustrate…

What I Was Referring To

The Hyundai Tuscon
Click to Enlarge…

How It Should Be Pronounced

Tuscon, Arizona
Click to Enlarge…

How I Pronounced It

A Tusken Raider
Click to Enlarge…

I really don’t think I need to write any more about this.

8 Responses

  1. If you got that car you’d have to drive single file, to hide your numbers.

  2. Hyundai Tuscons always drive single file, to hide their numbers.

    And these blast points: too accurate for sandpeople.

    You sure you’re not buying a Chevy Impala Stormtrooper?

  3. Once a geek, always a geek…

  4. I bet the horn sounds like this.

    (Yeah, you knew it was coming.)

  5. If you could program your horn to sound like that…. wow! Everyone would get out of your way!

  6. Think of the droids you could steal in that baby!!

    … even if they weren’t the droids you were looking for.

  7. …oh dear Lord…I’ve been pronouncing it wrong too.

    What your growing family needs is a Ford Bantha. The one with the fold-down tusks.

  8. Tim the Enchanter and I will be getting a Jeep Wrangler next year!!
    It would be cool to ride in or on a Tusken Raider.

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