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Smeagol is Free!

It’s About Time

Last night, I transferred the last MSN Spaces entry into this WordPress blog.

I can’t believe it’s taken a year. That’s insane.

I suppose that most of the problem was due to the fact that WordPress doesn’t have an Import function for MSN Spaces. I know it can do several other Blog formats, including the comments. But not good ol’ MSN Spaces.

My original rationale for using MSN Spaces was because I didn’t have to have an extra password. It used the same information as my Windows Live Messenger ID. Yeah. It was supposed to be easier.


  • …for quite a long time, many of my readers had problems commenting on my site because they didn’t have a Windows Live account.
  • …MSN Spaces’ WSYWIG interface was idiotic. You could type the exact same thing in twice and come away with two completely different bits of code.
  • …MSN Spaces is the MySpace of the blogging world. Most of the people that visited my site didn’t have anything meaningful to say, instead choosing to leave weird ASCII art and pimp out their own blogs, which usually involved several inane lists and photos of themselves in various states of undress.

So I decided to move.

I am also a stubborn jackass.

I figured I needed every entry transferred over because I am a perfectionist. This involved…

  • Extracting the HTML code for each entry.
  • Stripping it down and recoding to actually format my blog the way I like it.
  • Creating a new article using that HTML and timestamping it accurately.
  • Copying all the comments over one at a time.

    • I will never do that again.

      My old MSN space is now an Amazon.ca affiliate. I doubt that anything will come of it, but at least no one can steal my old Space and use it for evil


9 Responses

  1. Top Sellers over on Amazonca:
    1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) [Adult Edition]

    What is the Adult Edition of Harry Potter?? Innerstin’!

    Happy that you’re all finish’d, as now we can have more “POSTED.” notifications!

  2. The Adult Version?

    Read this.

  3. Sir you are correct. All that work is ridiculous (but at least you preserved the timestamps). I have all sorts of these meticulous projects that will never get done (or started) because I am lazy. Good on you.

  4. The “Adult” Version is the one with the “classy” cover. The one that’s made for “adults” who like to read kids’ popular pablum fiction but don’t want to be embarrassed by how it looks on their bookshelf. You know, like the leather-bound ‘Goosebumps’ compilations.

    … actually, “leather-bound” comes across as the other type of “Adult”, too. Well, you know what I mean!

  5. hmmmmmmmm do I need to rethink using my space ?

  6. And to think I complained when New Blogger sucked me in…..

  7. My first foray into blogging was also on MSN. It sucked so I moved to the less suckier Blogger. And now I’m on WP and one happy little blogger.

    P.S. Happy Birthday.

  8. I moved on from MSN spaces a long time ago if you couldn’t tell by the lack of posting. The “lucky guy” in the last post on there is now a thing of the past. Funny how much can happen in a short amount of time. Hope all is well in your world.

  9. I thought maybe the Adult version of harry potter came in a paperbag from the back room of the book store;)
    Please dont hate me Jorge…im still on msn spaces. BUT my own personal website will be up and running soon. (co-created with the hubby.)

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