Right Mindfulness or Mind Rightfulness?


I have sometimes wondered if we all have a switch inside of us that gets flipped when we become parents.

Some sort of decency function that causes us to become angry at things we previously didn’t really care about.

Mine is obviously not working.

Do you know why?

On my way to the bus stop this morning, I spotted this message spray-painted on the sidewalk in large letters…


The first thought that ran through my head?

I can’t believe that person didn’t close their square bracket.

Yeah. That switch is definitely not working properly…

In Other News…

Sometime in the last forty-eight hours, my stat counter exceeded 100,000 hits.

If it wasn’t for spammers, I don’t think I would ever have reached this milestone.

11 Responses

  1. Let’s hear it for spammers and spray painters!

    Big fan of closing brackets too. (If you’ve been paying attention, my interests on Facebook include Parentheses!)
    You may want to look into the switch… it’s important to be working properly!

  2. The important thing to remember with this switch inside you as a parent is that it picks its battles….:)

  3. ah so that is what you saw … Hmmmmmm picking up on the proper text … it just rolls off other wise huh , until she can read .. LOL naw you just have to explain what it means … good luck …..

  4. There are definitely switches. But it is not just one. They are a cascading set, along with some age appropriateness.

    I think the swearing will bother you more when the child is older and you hear it in a McDonald’s. By the time they are over 16 or so you know that they have been exposed to it at school and with their friends and it bothers you less and less. But I still wince when I am with friends in a restaurant and they are using language when there are children around.

    You will know the “daddy” switch is fully operational some day when you are in a mall and you hear a little voice say “daddy” and a you are but one of a whole bunch of fathers who turn to see if it is their child. Mark my words. That day will come!

  5. 100,000 hits?? How awesome!

    Don’t worry about your switch – I don’t think mine is working properly either. 😉

  6. Have you even considered the fact that your mere thinking about a switch is a possible indication that a switch has been flipped?

    Boggles the mind! Either that or it is your lack of sleep. LOL

  7. Sometimes a switch is just a switch…

  8. I don’t know much about this switch (mine long been broken). I still laughed when I saw and old woman slip on an icy sidewalk after I was a father.

    Now I find I tear up at all sorts of ridiculous father moments in bad tv shows. How do I fix this, it is really affecting my macho image.

  9. Just waited until she’s looking over your shoulder at the computer some day and innocently asks “what does fuck mean?”

    At least you won’t be chanting “don’t tell daddy! don’t tell daddy!” in your head.

  10. I thought this story was going to go a different way. I thought you were going to try to erase the word before your sister Phoebe saw it as she came out of class. Then you’d start calling everyone a bunch of goddamn phonies. Then you’d look for a field of rye at the edge of the cliff where you could save all the children from falling off.

    Then they’d put you in the place where the crazy people stay.

  11. Yet again, incredibly, I find myself with Dave….

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