Hai-Kuul – May 03, 2007 (Why I am an idiot)

Sterilizing Pacifiers (An example of my idiocy.)
Watched pots never boil
But sterilizing too long
Melts the poor plastic

Somebody shoot me, please.


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6 Responses

  1. bwahahahahahahaha! sterilizing paci’s…*tears squirting*…

    A couple of weeks from now…rinsing them off under the tap.

    A few weeks after that…wipe ’em off on your shirt.

    A few weeks after THAT…blow on ’em. A little dust never hurt anyone.

    And here’s a little tip ’cause I love you. At night, one in the mouth and one in each hand. That’s 2/3 less times you have to crawl under the crib to retrieve them in the middle of the night.

    Wait…did I do that math right?

  2. This is no big deal. One day you will find peace in the fact that you know what happened to that soother. In the near future you will be cursing the heavens, with no knowledge where any of them are.

  3. Great glimpse into the far future for me. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. ROFLMAO!!!

    I have spent way too much time scraping melted Playtex nurser nipples off the bottom of the pot too, on more than one occasion. One time they burned so bad, they left a blackened outline forever burned into the bottom of the pot. Nipple art?

  5. before long you will be just sticking the soother in your own mouth to clean off ….. although that may come with the second child ….lol

  6. oh and by boiling them it makes the material of the nipple soft and potientionaly dangerous as they can break off in little ones mouth and if done too often can break down the material they are made of. Just do as the the first person says and rinse under warm tap water and wipe off.
    I had to scope a nipple from a bottle/soothers are the same ) out of my friends babies mouth or he would have sufficated ( of course this was many years ago and materials have changed, still … )
    Nanna Caitrine 🙂

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