Three Steves, Two Mikes, No Daves?

I had a relatively nice weekend, if you discount the odd stomach problems from eating improperly prepared Unagi.

On Saturday my parents visited to wish me a Happy Birthday, which is nice.

They chilled with us for a while, leaving late enough to have had a good visit, and early enough for us to prepare the house and yard for the barbecue we were having on Sunday.

The barbecue was a great time.

Mrs. J’s mom, some friends and other family members helped me enjoy a nice Sunday in May.

I don’t normally go around publicizing my birthday. While it’s nice to get gifts, it’s not really the focus of the day for me.

I just like to spend time with the people that I care about. As cheesy as it sounds, that’s the best gift of all.

Mrs. J managed to let everyone know ahead of time, though, so people did bring me some nice birthday gifts. Some also brought gifts for Little J, which was very sweet.

It was a mixed group of people, so it was far from boring. In fact, most of the time these sorts of groups mesh very well, because everyone learns something new and makes a new friend.

Although, sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously do it as some sort of bizarre entertainment for myself, like I’m some mad psychologist running a weird social experiment.

It was strange having no one named Dave present. Dave and Sarah visited a week earlier on their way to a shower for another friend, so it wasn’t really a Dave-less birthday.

And to answer the obvious question…


10 Responses

  1. When you reach an age with the same digits you should moon at the moon. It’s an old Congo tradition that will bring you good luck.

  2. Weird social experiment? Dangit! Didn’t think to bring my fun potions! That would’ve made the experiement even more interesting (if that were possible)!

    Thanks for the inclusion, m’dear. And HAPPY 33RD! *marking May 20th on the 0’08 calendar. effer.* :p

  3. Next time I will bring more Mikes. I didn’t know a full contingent of Steves was going to be there.

  4. Did you include the footnotes (in addition to your “Footnotz”) for thoes whiny Firefox users?

  5. Thanks for catching that, Beth.

    I removed them.

    Footnotes are for Doctors and librarians. And I am neither.

  6. Also, I was in Vermont, so it would be more like a nine hour drive.

    Have I actually made it to any of your birthday parties? Me is a bad friend. Wait, there was that one at that place in Yorkdale, where you got all loaded and fell asleep in the bar. To your credit though, it was well after 8:30, which is better than some past pass-outs I’ve been witness to.

  7. To be fair, I think we miss each other’s birthdays all the time.

    And that was Yorkville, not Yorkdale. Yorkville is way classier than Yorkdale, which is what makes it an even better story.

    That was the first place I’ve ever been kicked out of. If you don’t count that barn place on our rafting trip.

  8. Waitress: “Are you doing okay, pal? I think your friends are trying to kill you. Well, whatevs–here’s your drink!”

    Jorge: “Thanks, Marg Helgenberger. You’re pretty.”

  9. Close enough!

  10. this blog is entirely too smutty for me, jorge.

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