Neato, Whitaker!

Pluggy Plug

A friend of mine passed along this link for perusal.

Nita Whitaker is an amazing singer/songwriter.

I always find it hard to describe music. It’s such a subjective thing. So I will just list some thoughts that pop into my head when I think of Nita…

  • She has a beautiful voice
  • Her music evokes a wide range of emotions
  • Amazing lyrics
  • Catchy tunes!

  • Being an unsigned artist, Nita doesn’t have to sell her soul to the big record companies. That being said, she misses out on the promotional muscle that those same companies offer.

    So give her a listen and if you like her stuff, order her CD!


One Response

  1. thanks for the link—Nita is not my style, but we troll around looking for independent artists online all the time—Dave spends hours on CD Baby and Orange.

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