DC Longest Saturday Sad

DC Comes to TO

This past weekend, our dear friend Kris visited us all the way from DC.

When Mrs. J and I met Kris last October, we fell in love with the blue-eyed goddess of awesomeness.

Kris is someone that will always leave a warm, fuzzy impression in your heart.

Longest Short Flight Ever

Due to the fact that Kris was using points to fly, she had a ridiculous layover. I think the whole trip took something like eight hours. What a trooper.

Of course, she never told me which terminal she would be landing at, so I drove around like a goof trying to divine the answer. After a while, I gave up and phoned my wife who is all things travel, and she pointed me in the right direction.

After picking up Kris, we picked up Mrs. J from her office and headed home. We drove past our new place and then spent the evening in, eating pizza and drinking wine (Mrs. J had to have some creative non-alky drinks).

It was nice to have Kris all to ourselves.

Saturday Night, Saturday Night

Well, we have to start with Saturday day, first.

We slept in, had a big breakfast and then all took naps again.

After that, we headed downtown to the CN Tower but were stonewalled by a huge lineup. So much for lunch in the revolving restaurant.

After another failed attempt to secure a cool dining place, we ended up at Jack Astor’s and had a big lunch.

Then it was time to return home. I picked up some lattes from Starbucks, and poured some drinks for everyone.

Shortly after our guests arrived…

We all enjoyed some WhyNattes and then headed out for dinner and drinks.

Much fun was had by all. We were joined by Mike and his awesome wife Heidi, our friends Natalie, Brad and Phung, as well as some of their friends. It was a great evening.

Even Beth called my cellphone to participate in the event from afar!

Dave wrote about the evening here.

Sundays Make Me Sad

After closing the bar floor, we left via cab and arrived home. We were all snug in our beds at around three in the morning.

A few hours later, it was time to wake up and take Kris to the airport.

It felt like the weekend was so short.

One can never spend enough time with Kris.

Thanks for coming up, Mama. We miss you already!

An extra-special thanks to Mrs. J for putting up with our drunken antics and chauffeuring us around on Saturday night.

8 Responses

  1. Even Laila and “Luther” miss Mama! But I’m sure Bug and Cricket are happy she’s home!

  2. Mrs. J once again proves her awesomeness by using jedi mind tricks to show you the way to find kris at the airport. I’d love to hear about her creative non-alchy drinks 🙂

  3. The weekend sounds really, really great. I want to meet everyone! (Why the heck do I have to live in the middle of nowhere??)

  4. Remember when you told me that Mrs. J and I should move to your neck of the woods?

    Remember that?

  5. DLSS certainly sums it it up…

    Jorge, you’re an excellent events coordinator, and we should put it to you more often to organize bloghurls. Once a year isn’t enough!

  6. Dammit, you said I was the blue-eyed goddess of awesomeness! Bastage.

    Thanks for hosting, for organizing, and for holding me when I know that all you want to do was just finally sleep.

  7. Sounds like you had a blast.
    I’m intrigued by those Whynattes you spoke of…

  8. I specifically told Mama not to have a good time without me. She never listens.

    I’m super jealous.

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