Two Pair


I wanted to wish Dave and Sarah a Happy Anniversary!

It was two years ago that they tied the knot. Friends since childhood, their union was fated by the writings in the sands of the beaches of Ixtopa.

Or not.

More like fated by the fact that all of their friends knew it was going to happen.

Can I get a Hellz Yeah people?

Dave with his aroused bouquet (Left).
Sarah with her peeps (Right).
Click to enlarge, although Dave’s roses don’t need help…

Congrats, you two!

More Marrieds

I wanted to wish my other friends T & N a Happy Anniversary as well!

A big year! You’re celebrating your first anniversary in your new house! Not a small achievement.

May your future hold many more Ulty* tourneys!

* – Ulty = Ultimate Frisbee, for those of you in the dark…

9 Responses

  1. i don’t know if i have any poignant “secrets” i haven’t told anyone (read: my fiance or family). the reality: i lead a boring life with no heart-wrenching secrets to speak of.

    but there are some secrets posted on there I can relate to, and those are the ones i copy onto my blog.

    did you see this one + e-mail? it made me really sad.

    ——Email Message——-
    Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2006 3:56 PM
    Subject: it all goes down the drain tonight.

    I’m hard-pressed to think of something I wish more than that this is your handwriting.

  2. Congrats to both Dave & Sarah and N&T! You should be proud of every year that you’re married. I really believe that since a marriage IS work, that it’s an accomplishment to be proud of.


  3. Hellz yeah! Also congrats to T & N too!

  4. I am feeling the love! It’s like a spreading warmth. I can feel it spread down my leg. It’s soaking into my chair. And… it smells sort of bad.


    That’s not love.

    That’s not love at all.

  5. Does anyone else find in funny that Mrs. J thinks marriage is work? 😉

    (For the record, I’m j/k, Mr. J!)

  6. I was thisclose to adapting Lovely Bones to the stage for my senior project in college. I wrote about 40 pages of it, but got bogged down and never finished. I wish I had. I think it’s a beautiful book and needs to be shared.

  7. thanks for visiting my new room… 🙂
    as for the guy next door, i do know what he wanted. a 21 yr old man, an 8 yr old girl, an attempt to contact her late at night. hmmm. i wasnt afraid of him before that night. he always seemed ok.
    s. lizard

  8. hellz yeah for all those married … continue to grow and support each other, even if it is scary ….

  9. HELLZ YEAHssssss all around, eh.

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