Word Dave

Word Verification

So Julie wrote something about her experiences with word verification, as did Adrian.

I remembered this afternoon that I actually have been saving one of the funniest word verifications I have had to fill out…

Click to see why this
form was so funny…

While this is funny, it’s also sad because it shows me typing HTML codes…

Long Overdue Dave Convo

This MSN Messenger conversation has been sitting in the bank for a while.

It’s basically part of a late night dialogue between Dave and myself. There was some beer involved…

Click to enlarge…

Needless to say, you may not understand half of that. If you do, though, perhaps you can explain to others in the comments. We’re all about sharing here on Barking Space.

14 Responses

  1. The fatorgy thing is only funny if you haven’t been to one.
    If you have, the images will burn themselves into your retinas and haunt you every time you close your eyes.

  2. Jeremy,

    Good to see you.
    And good to see your wisdom is infallible as ever.

    I salute you, sir.

  3. Perhaps the old adage is true: Fat people, like mopeds– Fun to ride, until your friends catch you on one…

  4. And it begins…

  5. Hey – don’t know orgies with fat people. More to love, man, more to love.

  6. …everyone is so focused on the fatorgy part that nobody noticed you are hooking up wires to your CACK and controlling the light saber! Honestly, I did have to reread it – I read it CRACK the first time. Which was funny, too. 😉

  7. hey Jorge

    what website do you use to power up your light saber

  8. Hi Jorge,

    Fatgory is the funniest one I’ve seen yet! OMG!!!

    Take care,


  9. Hey That’s hilarious.. I’m in Amsterdam working on a submission for your other site. I’m in a really bad internet cafe and it won’t let me open the first one but the conversation is too funny.. Say Hi to everyone for me.

  10. you are waaayyy geekier than you think if you keep screenshots like that.

    Just found a new verification tool called “Hot or Not”.
    It’s not what you think. But it’s cool.

  11. Jorge, there is no need to nerdify the rest of us.

    Nor do I even want to know what a cack is.

  12. okay that is the funniest yet to date !!! and oh how I would have liked to have been there watching you 😉



  14. hehe. Insight into mens conversations. …Scary. And maybe a little sad.

    (And, I read “crack” first, too.)

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