Storm New Pluggy

The Storm Has Come and Gone

The tornado that was World Cup 2006 has been and gone, leaving in its wake the crushed hopes of many, along with their flags in the gutter*.

The subway is a lot quieter now, as are the streets at night. Far less honking can be heard.

In this post, I stated my disappointment in hooliganism and bandwagon-jumping.

While I still maintain my belief that these types of events can bring out the worst in some, it undeniably has the effect of bringing people together for good times.

My wish would be for those good times to last longer than a week or two…

A New Me

Well, a new look for the blog, anyway.

Actually, it’s an old look for my other blog which seems to work for this one.

I was getting tired of the RSS feeds not displaying properly, and the crazy font shifts. So this new one is here to stay. You like?

Pluggy Pluggy

I would like to direct your attention to the right sidebar. Take a look. I’ll wait.

You done?

Took you long enough.

There you will see a button for Armada Quarterly. It’s an online literary magazine.

It’s a great publication and a lot of work went into it.

Go check it out. You might recognize one of the editors.

They are always looking for submissions…

* – They really have to make those car window flags far more durable. I’ve seen so many of those things fly off and land in the street.