The Nemesis

Everybody Has a Nemesis

And I am no exception.

I am referring to one who shall remain nameless at this point. However, I can say that we train in Karate together.

This post is a dedication to one most foul. Most evil. And yet, most skilled and worthy as an adversary. They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But what if they are one and the same?

Read on…

Our relationship is not unlike another
famous duo*. Click to enlarge…

The Beginning

He walked into class the same week I started.

I remember it clearly. A cool winter’s evening. I was standing in the lineup, waiting for class to begin. I felt a chill down my spine as a cold, heartless energy entered the room. The energy was wrapped around the form of a tall, broad man around the same age and size as me.

A hollow whisper echoed throughout the room, unheard by anyone save us.

Nemesis. Arch Nemesis.

He looked up, his gaze was a weapon for piercing the soul.

Behold the evil gaze of my Nemesis**.
Click to enlarge, if you dare…

I noticed that he had an orange belt, which means he had trained somewhere before. Indeed, his level of skill was quite obvious, as his technique was clean and his knowledge was vast.

We both realized the whispers were correct when we sparred for the first time. We instinctively knew each others limits, and we each wanted to see how much further we could push.

To top it all off, every thursday we would go for drinks at the same bar after class, learning about each other, and straining to discover some type of Achilles’ Heel.

It would be safe to say that we were each inspiring the other to greater heights, which made the goal of victory that much more difficult to attain…

My Favourite Nemesis Moment

He was grading for his blue belt, and I was grading for my green.

I was grading on the other side of the room from him. I poured a lot of effort into my grading, so I didn’t really have a chance to watch him, save during resting periods. I watched as he performed his tasks with great energy.

Since my grading had started slightly before his, I was done earlier. The black belt in charge of my side of the room was about to let me go (which meant I would have to leave the room, thus barring my view of the sparring matches between Nemesis and whomever).

Our Sensei, however, had other ideas.

He told me not to go anywhere except into the ring to face off against my Nemesis. You could hear the room collectively draw in its breath. Those who had seen us spar knew we didn’t hold back, and those that didn’t seemed to know.

It was a fun match. As usual, we gave each other a run for our money.

It was a colossal battle*.
Click to enlarge…

Black and Blue

Now we are roughly the same level. And I mean roughly. Check out this series of bruises that my Nemesis gave me when we were sparring the other day…

Casualty of war. Click to enlarge…

On a serious note, it wasn’t a big deal. It doesn’t even hurt. It’s just bruises made by his fingers when he was trying to take me down to the ground***.

It’s just a testament to how great my Nemesis is. The best thing you could ever do as friends is to help each other push past your current limits. This is something we definitely do.

Who will win the battle for
supremacy***? Click to enlarge…

* – Pictures courtesy of Capcom Entertainment, used without permission.
** – Photos courtesy of Callis.
*** – But it didn’t work, did it Nemesis?

33 Responses

  1. What a compelling story! I was on the edge of my seat while reading it!

    But I must confess my ignorance: green belt? blue belt? What’s the order of the colours (I believe that white is where you start and black is where you end up, but everything in the middle is kinda hazy to me).

  2. very enthralling story…i felt i was there to see it all. by the way…nice bruises 🙂

    thanks for visiting my place
    hope to see you again
    take care

  3. Supremecy!!!????

    I think that there would be a lot of other people in the dojo that would contest that statement!!!! (not me by the way, I’m a lover not a figher)


  4. I wouldn’t be so egotistical as to make a sweeping statement about everyone at the dojo. I’m sure there are quite a number of people far better than I am.

    However, the battle for supremacy was referring to the fated victory of either Nemesis or myself over the other.

  5. Grasshopper,

    The nemisis is yourself not your sparring partner. Meditate on this and then once you have the kwan you’ll be able to enter the golden palace to eternal martial understanding.

  6. Thanks David.

    Did they let you out of rehab already?

  7. Grasshopper,

    I see great problems for you. Your use of anger certainly won’t advance your skill. Find that harmoy which dwells within you and you’ll achieve a much more than a belt.

  8. Dammit!!! just use a Gunne!!!

  9. David,

    Not sure where you’re getting the “anger” idea from. I think there’s an awful lot of displacement and projection in your life.

    Time to go back to Master Po.

    Or go back to rehab.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  10. Grasshopper,

    I am at peace with myself. I have my kwan (not Michelle unfortunately) and have conquered my own nemisis (although still do submit to a Cornona served by a tasty waitress on a hot summer’s day…but I digress).

    I sense much anger in your typing young kyu belt. Find your inner nemisis and conquer it not some angery white guy with a furrowed brow.

    The lesson never ends.

  11. Me thinks Jorge has added another nemesis to his list!!!!

  12. Which one are you? Good or evil?

  13. Good Question Tub!!!

    I’ve seem their sparring an both could be evil, specially if one of them is touched in a wrong way!!!

    But both could be very good too!!???

  14. Touched wrong?? What ever do you mean Callis? Why are you calling Tug Tub?

  15. G is right over the b on my keyboard – Sorry Tug

  16. holy jorge….

    even *i* don’t bruise that easy 😉


  17. Funny, Jules.

  18. How very peculiar.

  19. Unagi – a state of total awareness, in which you can be prepared for any danger.

    If Ross had it, I’m sure you’ll come across it too. Then, and only then, will you surpass you Nemesis.

  20. Shared a beer with your nemesis last night….
    I think it’s a great tribute to him, and shows how highly you regard him. Funny he paid respect to your over a pint as well….
    Maybe you two are spending too much time thinking about each other.

    What a great post!!!

    Almost split a gut at the comments….

  21. You truly can live in a moment . Your writing is above all a thing to be solved and examed(sp) . I find you fasinating … Black is the highest belt but it does go in degrees of 1,2,3 … in the martial arts isn’t tranquility an important factor to carry out what needs to be done …


  22. Adrian – When have I not been peculiar?

    Kelly – Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    John – I don’t think Nemesis and I have graduated to the love-fest that is you and Callis, yet. But give it time…

    Kiffin – It’s true. Living in a moment is the best way to “win the fight” so to speak.

  23. Actually, just judging by the pictures, you coul take your nemesis just by mobving those eyebrows a quarter of an inch lower.

  24. I don’t know kind of kinky things you’re doing with cigars, Jorge, but they’re supposed to be smoked, not used as flesh-burning devices.

    (Although Bill Clinton has other suggestions for use, as well.)

  25. I particularly loved how we were instructed to enlarge your bicep to view the bruises…nice touch! 😉

  26. I aim to please the audience.


  27. Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow; everybody needs a bosom.

  28. This whole post was just an excuse to show off you big bicep, wasn’t it? Aren’t you just the Muscley Young Paperboy.

  29. you started off your post by saying your memesis shall remain nameless, and yet when I hint that your thinking too much of him and he of you, you blurt out his name!!!
    Does this happen in the middle of the night as well?

  30. Things to get John for Christmas: Reading Glasses.

  31. Lol…. I love the editing… your good…

    Would have never caught it if I hadn’t pointed it out!!!

    You are sly….

  32. Editing?
    What editing?

    I’ll be sure to give you a hero biscuit the next time I see you.

  33. […] will be making up for it tonight when I violently assist my Nemesis with his […]

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