Things That Wait With Baited Passport

Things That Pop Into My Head

Have you ever seen a person who resembles someone you know? I’m sure you have. But how many times do you see a look-alike who is actually from a different ethnic background?

I was on the subway this morning, and I was standing next to a young Indian gentleman who looked like an Indian version of André 3000 from Outkast.

The funny thing was, every time I looked at this guy all I could think of was…


I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

Waiting With Baited Beth

Beth came over the other night to hang out with us. It was great.

I hadn’t seen Beth since Dave’s wedding several years ago.

We went to high school together, and traveled in different circles. I met her through her sister, and always thought she was a great person

We basically chilled on the deck with Beth and our neighbour, eating take-out Indian food* and drinking some fine wines.

You should take a moment to check out her page. She’s a great writer as well as being a fun person to hang out with.

The Beer Passport

I have decided to keep track of all the different beers I have ever tried. This idea was inspired by Reay who gave me eight different beers from around the world for my birthday.

It’s in the side bar, and the top bar under Passports, pluralized due to the fact that I will be putting in a wine list at some point.

Click and enjoy!

* – Go North of Bombay! YES!