Strike Contact

Strike Out

Employees of our city’s transit system held a strike last Monday giving little to no warning to the public at all, practically bringing the city to a halt.

In my opinion, this was probably the worst way to get support. Unless their idea of support is to have their entire ridership pissed off at them, in which case they definitely succeeded. People had to cab it, bike it, or walk to work. Unless they couldn’t, in which case they were forced to stay home and miss a day.

I had no problem in regards to work as I have a great high-speed connection from home, so I spent the day working in very comfortable clothes.

The strike was illegal from what I understand, and ended in the early afternoon.

The funniest* thing about this whole strike happened just a few days ago.

Our transit system has something called a Metropass. You essentially buy a monthly pass on a swipe card that is good for unlimited travel.

The transit system made an announcement that they would refund people money for their troubles during the strike. This sounds like a great thing. Of course, they announced this after that pass ran out. Most people usually ditch their passes at the end of the month, leaving the fate of their cards in the hands of waste disposal.

Nice job, folks.

I used to defend our transit system. Now I am not so sure.

After having been to DC, ours looks pretty shoddy.

The End of Contact

This is the last week of my show at Axis.

Come Friday I will be most likely taking my lunch break to go over there and remove everything from the walls and bring them home.

A good number of people wrote in the guest book, which is very cool.

Not sure when the next show is going to be. As usual, I will keep people updated on that. At this point, though, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening anytime soon.

* – By funniest I mean most idiotic.