Rebuild Plan Inspiration

We Will Rebuild Him

Lately I’ve been feeling sluggish. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in Karate.

I’ve never really had all that much endurance to begin with, but lately it seems as if I have lead weights attached to my legs.

So, I started running with Mrs. J. She’s quite good, and is a lot of fun to run with because she has a reasonable pace, and is very positive.

Last night, I went on my own. I was a little worried before I began, because I’ve always had a problem motivating myself to go. I usually rely on an MP3 player to get me through the session, but I sold mine off a little while ago.

It was just me and the rain.

And the run was the best one yet!

All Part of the Plan

Not only have I been physically lazy, but I have been mentally lazy as well.

In our dojo, the mental and the physical work hand in hand. Knowledge of history and philosophy are part of the requirements to become a higher belt.

When I started with this dojo, I created two notebooks in which to take notes on techniques, history and the like. It began to get messy, as the learning is done in chunks. Several points will be revisited and revised as we learn more and more about each technique. Due to the messiness of the editing process, I became discouraged.

I recently started transcribing my notes into the computer. This allows me to edit my entries much more effectively.

The goal is to write a manual so thorough that someone could conceivably pick it up and read it and actually understand part of what I understand.

What do you think about this concept?


I’m very lucky to have so many sources of inspiration from which to draw positive energy.

Mrs J, for one, makes me very proud. Her running ability makes me want to do better.

Dave and I are going to be running a half marathon next year. When we did a 10K a few years ago, he was very supportive, and didn’t complain once at how slow my pace was, or how many times I wanted to stop.

Another friend, Isha, just did a half marathon in the most God-awful heat. But she finished. Other people were being hauled off on stretchers, but she managed to run the whole thing! So awesome.

And then there’s Mama, who turned her critical eye to her own swimming education and is now outracing mermaids.

How can you be friends with these people and not want to improve?

Wish me luck!

16 Responses

  1. Good luck with the running, Jorge. I’m currently looking for a 10K near the end of the summer to train for – I too was motivated by everyone around me running half marathons and making me feel like a slug.

    I think that putting your notes on a computer rather than in notebooks is a really good idea, since you are doing so much revising. Computers really have revolutionized the way people revise their writing… do you remember those blue creative writing folders we used to have in elementary school, where it had different pockets for your different (hand written) drafts of your stories?

  2. Sweets, know that I strive in all areas to be more like YOU.

  3. Jorge
    I think your a great guy!!

    You don’t need improvement, just some polishing up so that your true shining self will show through!!! As far as the idea of putting karate material in the computer, i think it’s a great idea. I thought of it too, but never found the time. I started putting some of my karate resume in my blog and it seem to help me realize how much I have learned.

  4. Glad you are running, thats super. Don’t worry bout the mental drain, just keep a close watch on everything else. Sometimes our body does that as a warning that we are doing too much. 🙂

  5. hey the Jorge,
    Nice to hear from you back at my msn spaces:)
    Tim and I too decided to start jogging, because hes getting a belly, and I already have one..LOL;)
    anyways take care of yourself!!

  6. I don’t do running, except in the privacy of my own home, on a treadmill. Apparently I “run like a girl”, insulting in more ways than one.

  7. If running doesn’t work out, you can always try the inverse and hinder the efforts of other by burning their shoelaces. Trust me, it’s more evil than it sounds.

    Plus, you could lift Warhammers. Those buggers must weigh a ton.

  8. Jorge,

    Karate needs a break (so to speak). Everyone once in a while your head gets cluttered with philosophy & techinique, your lactic acid builds and you become sluggish. Take a week or two off and watch yourself rebound. It is not that you are not training in those two weeks but that your are executing your training. You (if trained correctly) will see the philosophy of the art come through in your actions and those around you. Observe others and their actions and react accordingly. Your reaction is not so much a physical self defense but an inteactive self defense. You’ll come back refreshed and more focused.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  9. Hi BB&B (whomever you are),

    Unfortunately I am going to have to disagree with your statement, at least in regards to this time around regarding myself. The advice you’ve given is what I would dispense to someone who has reached a wall, and is frustrated with where they are.

    This is not me.

    I keep hitting an endurance wall, and I need to break through it. It is admittedly partial laziness.

    So I’m working hard to get through.

    Thank you, though, mysterious stranger.

  10. Jorge: artist. A man barely alive.” “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Steve Flynn will be that man. Better than he was before. Better… stronger… faster.”

  11. Grasshopper,

    Walls have different looks, they can be brick or concrete, or they can be mental. If you haven’t hit a wall then stop asking how to rebuild yourself.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  12. Um…
    Did I not mention I hit an endurance wall?

  13. Jorge
    quit bring sex back into the conversation!!!

  14. Good Afternoon Jorge,

    Sorry but you didn’t emphatically state you that you hit a wall. It was implied and I supposed we are reading you mind through your keyboard.

    Good luck with whatever plan you have. I like this Callis fellow’s way of thinking. His keyboard must be sticky however.

  15. Ah.

    Well BB&B. I hit a wall but I am slowly breaking through.


  16. Jorge, running is a fantastic test of strength (in the beginning). It’s fantastic because it doesn’t test your physical strength, hardly at all. It’s all about the mental blocks we build, and the ones we have to break through/climb over.

    Once you get used to committing your time to the actual sport, you’re set (as your wife knows, no doubt). Building time, distance and strength after that is easy-peasy japon-easy.

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